Friday, 29 January 2016

I've done it! A-Z Challenge here I come

For those of you who have never heard of the A-Z Challenge you're probably wondering what I've done.  Those of you who HAVE heard of the challenge are also probably wondering what I've done!

Signing up for a non stop challenge of blogging every day throughout April (well with Sundays off) when my average number of posts a month currently stands at 13 means I need to seriously up my game.

But that's one point of the challenge.  It does make you blog every day.  And although my momentum may have dropped I'm still here more often than I was and I'm also following blogs more.  It isn't easy and sometimes it's hard to find inspiration but there are lots of blogs out there to help with this.

The wonderful Hodgepodge on Wednesdays is just one example.  Joyce does a great job of giving us new questions every week.  I've spotted some other regular challenges that I want to give a try.

Then there's my own Friday Five News where I try and find news stories to highlight each week.  That's good for me because it makes me explore the news.  I don't read a newspaper much during the week or always watch the news so it's a good way of finding out what's going on in the world.  Although I want to get a bit more proactive with that and catch ideas during the week rather than just relying on what's happening on Fridays.

I don't yearn to be a published author.  I don't think I have a novel locked away inside me.  But I do love to write and I do like the interaction that blogging gives.  Last year I was #1100 and something when I signed up.  This year I've made it in at #499.  I do have a theme in mind.  I've even done some preparation on that and hopefully I will be able to get some posts done in advance and scheduled.

It's good to be looking forward to something.  It's been a tough week here.


  1. Good on you. I shall look forward to reading them. I am also guessing at what your theme might be. I shan't be joining you this year. I didnt do very well last year, dropped out around J I think. I just don't really have the spare time for much blogging at all at the moment as you may have noticed!

  2. I might give it a shot. I enjoyed it last year but only posted with a few minutes on quite a few days. My blogging is well down over the last year or so though so maybe it's the kick up the pants I need!


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