Wednesday, 24 February 2016

No Hodgepodge Wednesday

Well I was quite disappointed yesterday when I looked for Joyce's Hodgepodge questions because I had forgotten this week has been declared a holiday. I hope you're having a good time Joyce with whatever you are up to.

I couldn't let Wednesday pass without a post though so here we go with a quick catch up.

I had a nice lunch with friends yesterday and managed a short walk.  I still don't have as much energy as I would like so I'm not pushing myself too hard.  It's a nice day today but very cold.  I'm going to get out for a bit shortly and make the most of the sunshine.  

This morning I accompanied my sister-in-law to the hospital.  She is recovering from a nasty bout of tonsillitus and a quincy which is basically an abcess.  It's left her feeling quite low and  anxious but I think the doctor reassured her this morning that the aftermath of the abcess looks normal and it's quite normal for her to feel the way she is.  He prescribed her another course of antibiotics and will see her again on Friday.  I took her home and left her with strict instructions to rest and even sleep if she could.

Unfortunately I think we have too much information to hand sometimes and we can worry ourselves silly over things.  But that's not to belittle her situation.  She has been really poorly and I think she's only just beginning to appreciate that this might take a while to get over.

I'm just trying to keep to my usual routines without putting too much extra into the day.  I've been catching up on paperwork and later I want to tackle my e-mails, the majority of which will just get binned!  But even that takes time.

I'm back to keeping track of food and activities using my Fitbit but I haven't upped my targets this week.  I need to maintain the status quo for now.  Tomorrow I'm planning to brave Westfield shopping centre.  There are a few bits I need from there and I've been putting off going but hopefully I can make an early start and get there before it gets too crowded and the kids are back at school this week after their mid term break so there won't be all the extra activities going on pulling in the crowds.

The referendum date has now been announced (June 23rd) for the UK to decide whether to stay in or opt out of the European Union.  All I need now is someone independant who can explain to me, in plain English, the pros and cons so that I can make an informed decision.  Although the fact that the Justice Secretary,  Michael Gove, is saying opt out is enough to make me want to opt in having seen what he was capable of when he was the Education Minister.  Unfortunately I think many people have negative views of the EU which are not necessarily based on hard facts.  I need to do some homework!

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  1. Well, I think we in the USA are just as confused with our presidential choices as you are with your vote to stay or not. I'm not sure who we can believe in anymore. Sigh.


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