Saturday 13 February 2016

SoCS 13/2/16 - Tire

I'm taking part in SoCS again this week.  If you want to take part click the image above to visit Linda's page for all the info.

The prompt this week is tire.

One thing I never tire of doing is looking at the view from the windows of my house.  We look out onto a piece of common land that is actually part of Epping Forest.  You can imagine you're in the country but we're actually very close to central London with all its amenities so we do have the best of both worlds.

Now we are moving to the time when we need to think about retirement we will have to decide what our future might hold.  The house is already too big for us really and is not the most practical for elderly people especially anyone with mobility issues as it has lots of stairs.  One of the reasons I fell in love with the house when I first viewed it - the different layout to most houses around here.  I don't tire of that but the stairs do tire me out sometimes.  Especially this week when I've had a bout of something that feels like flu (despite having a jab) and just getting up and down to the bathroom has been exhausting.

I must point out that neither of us are elderly or immobile, (yet) and we will probably carry on here for as long as we can as it will probably prove tiresome trying to find a smaller house with all the things we have here.  Unless we move to a smaller house in the same street which hardly seems worth all the expense and effort.  I tired my brain out this afternoon just looking at properties online. 
It's interesting interpreting Estate Agent Speak!


  1. I think realtors make the descriptions deliberately vague so you have to use them, kind of like lawyers.

    We might have to consider moving somewhere that doesn't have stairs because of my disability, but so far I've been able to climb the stairs.

  2. I know what you mean about tiring, just by looking at properties online. It's the same with cars - which is my current obsession. There's no rush and no need for me to get one for getting to work - I'm a commuter into London, so driving in is the last thing on my mind!

    Good luck with it all - and may you remain young and fresh for much longer!

  3. When I retire, we will have to move too. This house, though we love it, requires too much maintenance for old folks on fixed incomes. We have a year plus, though, so even though I look online now and then, we just aren't serious about it yet. Keep us posted!

  4. Best of luck with whatever you decide. :)


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