Tuesday 9 February 2016

What's in a week?

A lot can happen in a week and it's been more than that since I've really been here in the blogging world.  I haven't even really been keeping up with my friends' sites that much.

Preparing for, and attending a funeral is exhausting.  It's not really physically challenging but coping with the emotions of it all take their toll.  I'm really tired and now a bug seems to have crept into my system and given me a sore throat and earache.  Today is a duvet day.  Today is look after me day.

Last week I looked after others.  My hubby of course.  Although I'm still not convinced he's fully taken in that his Mum has gone.  He did really well at her funeral, helping prepare and then read the eulogy.  He held it together.  As did our 3 children who did the readings.  I was worried that they would lose it and not be able to get their words out but they were brilliant.  It was also a bit strange in that now they all have their partners to look out for them.  My role has somewhat shifted.  Which is of course what you wish for them but it's on occasions like these that you notice it.

It was definitely a family affair as the  pall bearers were grandsons and other grandchildren did bidding prayers.  Nick's sister even managed to sing Panis Angelicus after communion.  She has a beautiful singing voice but how she held it together I do not know.

The whole day was definitely a celebration of Maureen, my Mother-in-law's life.  And so many people came.  The church was full.  It was a wonderful recognition of what a lovely person she was.  The Priest gave a very moving homily about how Maureen and her departed husband Leo had led by example and how their faith and morals were so evident in the 3 generations that survive them.

Only one grandchild was missing on the day, having just set off on far flung travels.  But everyone else was there and we were joined at the wake by so many people whose lives Maureen had touched.   If only all funerals could be like that.  Of course it was also sad.  One son-in-law was sobbing in the crematorium.   Maureen had been like a Mother to him.  

We left the wake at the end of the afternoon and my own family all came back here for a takeaway.  On the Friday we all got together again at Nick's brother's house.  We had time then to look through old photos and do some more reminiscing.

It will be strange without Maureen but I'm sure the closeness of the family will continue in her memory and there will be get togethers at anniversary times and so on.  Plus of course births and weddings, just hopefully no funerals for a while.


  1. Nice to see you back blogging. It is a lovely blog and I am so glad that the funeral went so well. She was indeed a lovely lady. You will all miss her. I hope that it doesn't suddenly hit Nick too hard. I think sometimes that is what happens.

    Sorry to hear that you have some kind of bug. Stay tucked up in your bed, nice and warm and relax until you feel better. Get Nick to bring home some chocolate. That alwasy helps me.!

  2. Thinking of you and your family as the next year will be difficult with different occasions coming and going without your Mother-in-law - I am glad you all have such great memories to help you through it all. Hugs.


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