Sunday 21 February 2016

Sunday snoozing 21/2/16

I would love to be able to say that I'm fully recovered from whatever bug has recently invaded my system but that wouldn't be totally true.  I am feeling much better but the cough hasn't gone (although it's not as annoying) and I keep getting the pressure feeling in one ear like you get during a plane take off.  

I did manage to venture out for a walk today.  Not far but it was good to get some fresh air especially as I'd started to snooze on the sofa so needed to do something to wake me up.

I also managed to get myself to a get together with some old work colleagues on Friday evening.  That took me back a bit - we met in a pub I used to frequent when hubby and I were courting.  The pub hasn't really changed that much.  Still very much an East End pub.  

I've also managed to get an online shop done with delivery scheduled between 10-11 am tomorrow morning.  That will give me a good reason to be up and showered at a reasonable time.  Don't want to embarrass the delivery guy by still being in my pjs!

Hubby has just got back from an outing to listen to some live music.  He is so daft sometimes though.  He told me when he got back that he had nearly phoned me from the corner shop to see if we needed anything.  We then had a conversation about milk - me saying we had enough milk until the morning and then some would be delivered.  When he then got on to the subject of cooking dinner he mentioned making a parsley sauce to go with some fish.  However, somehow, when I said that there wasn't enough milk for that he was moaning that I should have told him when he was at the shop.  

But I didn't know you were at the shop I responded. 
You could have called me and told me we needed milk before I got to the shop.  
But we didn't need milk.
Yes we do for the parsley sauce.
But I didn't know you were going to make parsley sauce!

And then he wonders why I get cross sometimes.  He'd undertaken to prepare dinner but somehow it was my fault that he hadn't checked the milk situation! I'm really not complaining because he does do most of the cooking but sometimes his logic is definitely skewed.


  1. Sorry you have not been well, Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated,

  2. Whatever crud is going around has invaded this home as well...hope you get to feeling better. Wow, you can get milk delivered? How cool is that. Have a good upcoming week--hopefully you will be feeling better.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Chuckling over the milk!!

  4. LOL. It's a man thing. With Simon these situations are also a deafness thing. He says yes or no but isn't really listening. I am sure he has significant hearing loss as I often have to say things 4 or 5 times getting louder and louder. He won't admit though.

    Hopefully you will be fully back to normal this week. Sounds as if you are getting there. Sorry I didn't phone but it just got way too late. We are now in Thetford Forest where we will be until Wednesday. It is a great camp site, very peaceful and quiet and free wifi that is actually working! Even got bright sunshine.

    Will try and ring you on Thursday which is the only day we have at home this week. I hope you will feel much better by then. X

  5. I met my mailman at the door yesterday with my hair not combed and still in my pj's! It was 2:15 in the afternoon. Hope you get better soon.


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