Thursday, 7 July 2016

A-Z Road Trip Day 1 7/7/16

Post A-to-Z Road Trip 2016 

Today I thought I would start my A-Z Road trip and start visiting those bloggers who also signed up.  You can check out the list here 

I'm hoping to visit at least 5 blogs on the list per week and post my thoughts here on my blog.  These are my thoughts and while I hope not to be less than constructively critical I definitely don't want to cause anyone offence.

There are less signed up than last year (87) so maybe I might get to the end of the road this time around. I decided to work through the even numbers first so I started at #2 The Frog Lady

Well that Lady certainly loves frogs.  If you want to know about different types of frogs look no further than her A-Z posts - they are based on the latin names of frogs.  If you want to know how to keep frogs her blog will have the answers.

Unfortunately this lady doesn't share her enthusiasm for frogs so I said Hi and moved on.

#4 on the list is Doc2Poet 
Yes a Doctor who writes poetry.   For some reason I had problems with this site,  (Script and Flash)  so not a good start.  I also discovered that the writer hadn't completed the challenge going from H - Z.  Looking at the posts he had done there was a lot of detail in them and also lots translated into Hindi so I guess he may have been a bit ambitious.  Again I said Hi and moved on.

#6 on the list is Debbie @ THE DOGLADY'S DEN
I thought this site might be more to my liking as I'm a dog lover but unfortunately the link didn't work however I don't give up that easily.  I managed to google a correct link only to find the site is "Temporarily down for maintenance/housekeeping" 

At this point I was beginning to get a bit like the kids with "are we there yet" in the wait for finding a site I might want to linger on and read but I want to try and keep to a schedule of at least 5 blogs per week to reach the end of the trip before Christmas.  Because then it will be serious planning time for next year's challenge.  

So I continued to #8 Me in the Middle  and was glad I'd carried on.  This is a varied blog containing guest posts, memes and individual writing.  Nice A-Z theme too.  (Life lessons).  

Before I started flagging again I moved on to #10 Southern Food & Memories  and was again confused. The link on the road trip list takes you to a specific post (the A-Z reflections post) but I've linked above to the home page of the site.  However this site was easy to navigate and I soon found the A-Z posts which were on Southern Food and subsequent posts on family history.  It was a pleasure to say Hi.

I decided to quit while I was ahead so to speak. I'll try and get out and about again next week.


  1. Whoa! What an awesome way to wrap up the blogs you visit. I'm going to have to file that away for next year. Loved this!
    Impromptu Promptlings

  2. First time I've heard of the A-Z Road Trip. Will be interesting to watch!

  3. First time I have heard of this as well....smiles--have a lovely remainder of the day---well....evening your way, smiles.

  4. I did the road trip last year and did not find it to be satisfying. I don't think I'll participate this year. I am going to go look at Me in The Middle, however!

    1. I did find it a bit frustrating because some links weren't A-Z participants or if they were they had stopped once the challenge finished. I'm hoping that by trying to do a regular post here I'll get through the list - a challenge to myself, but I will be honest about what I find lol


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