Sunday, 24 July 2016

SoCS - 23/7/16 - Second

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “second” Use it anyway you see fit.  Have fun!

A day late to the party but here's my effort:

I can be quite competitive when I put my mind to things.  Not in things such as races but I hate to give up on things and I love solving puzzles.  Word puzzles, number puzzles, picture puzzles, I'm an addict.

Second came into my vocabularly the first time I took school exams.  First year juniors.  We took tests in all our subjects and were given an overall score and a position in class.  I had no idea how well I could do so I was pleasantly surprised to come second.  Of course I vowed to do better.  And I did.  During my time in junior school I came first every other time apart from the time when I had mumps and wasn't in school.  Apparently one of the other mums commented to mine she was glad I was ill as it would give the other children a chance!  I discoverd being clever wasn't such a blessing and it was, in some ways, a relief to get to secondary school and find myself amongst a lot of clever kids so I didn't stand out.

Now of course I'm happy to come second thanks to the joy of having a husband and family to put first.  



  1. I keep on forgetting about this meme...have a beautiful day friend...

  2. Always an interesting exercise!

  3. Such an honest post. Thanks for sharing, Wendy. :D


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