Friday, 29 July 2016

A-Z Road Trip - Day 4 - 29/7/16

Post A-to-Z Road Trip 2016 

Today is day 4 of my A-Z Road trip, visiting those bloggers who also signed up.  You can check out the complete list here

I'm trying to visit at least 5 blogs on the list per week and post my thoughts here on my blog.  These are my thoughts and while I hope not to be less than constructively critical I definitely don't want to cause anyone offence.

I'm working through the even numbers first so today I'm continuing at:

#32 A quiet girl's musings of a world that talks too much

Well I started this post yesterday and got sidetracked with cooking dinner and when I returned to it today I got totally sidetracked by Ericka's blog.  Her theme for the A-Z Challenge was to have no theme so her posts were totally random and varied and I found myself working my way through them.  It helped that there was a tab on the page detailing the posts.

Ericka is an avid reader and takes part in several challenges that are updated on the blog which is worth checking out.

Unfortunately the prolonged stop there has thrown my schedule out.  I have a list of jobs as long as my arm plus my regular Friday blog posts to get done.  Hopefully I can get out on the road trip again over the weekend.


  1. Have a beautiful day, Wendy...just remember to stop and smell he roses...take a break. smiles

  2. THE not HE. LOL---needing more coffee, wink.

  3. I barely have time to get to the 15-20 blogs every day that show up in my feed. I love my blogging connections and am always happy to "meet" someone new, but the time just gets away from it did you. So many interesting people and topics out there!

  4. Man, I just couldn't do the A to Z this year--I'm having trouble even keeping up with my email. I'm impressed by your dedication to writing and visiting.

    Lorrie at

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the shout out! I do appreciate it. Blogging about the blogs you read/visit via the AtoZ road trip is a great idea. Have a wonderful weekend!


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