Sunday, 10 July 2016

SoCS - 9/7/16 - Concentration

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “concentration” Use it anyway you see fit.  Have fun!

I'm a day behind, forgive the lapse in concentration.  I have days like that.  I start off with good intentions with a "to do" list for the day that's usually too long and then I get side tracked.  There are e-mails to check, Whatsapp messages to check.  Thankfully I've never been totally sucked into Twitter or I don't think I'd get anything done.  And God forbid I should pick up a book that catches my interest because that could take care of hours.  

One of the best things I've found for concentrating my mind is watching some of the Scandi TV programmes that are subtitled.  It's hard impossible to multitask when you have to watch the screen to understand what's going on.  I'm also good at concentrating on word or number puzzles.

Hmm I seem to be good at concentrating on everything apart from the to do list!


  1. I like to watch subtitled foreign-language documentaries, but sometimes I stop watching and reading, and just listen to the flow and rhythm of the words. After a while of letting them wash over me, they start to sound a bit familiar, almost like I could understand them...

    That's pretty cool, when it happens.

    Maybe you just need to ditch the idea of the to-do list. I also set more goals than I can attain, but I've started thinking of them as a buffet of options to choose from, rather than an iron-clad "must-do" list.

    May whatever you do delight you!

  2. Sometimes I think my to-do lists are merely suggestions. I have been wrapped up in a good book this week, so very little is getting accomplished!

  3. To-do lists...a necessary evil.

  4. I am guilty of getting sucked into Twitter way too often...

    I wish you a wonderful start to the week :)

  5. I used to watch DVDs in French with English subtitles. It was a great way to practice my French, and you're right, it's impossible to multi-task when you're trying to understand what everyone is saying :-)

  6. {smiles} I enjoyed the meme, which I keep forgetting to visit. smiles

  7. Yeah, The Bridge, Borgen, The Killing, you can't look away from them, or you're lost.


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