Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday Five News 22/7/16

Summer finally arrived this week.  It even brought a heatwave.  The problem with that is we do not cope well with the extreme heat in the UK.  Houses are generally not air-conditioned, nor is public transport and we go from barely warm to boiling overnight.  No adjustment time allowed.  

Unfortunately tempers can become frayed and the surge to get out in open spaces can lead to trouble as reported in LOCAL news this week, when water fights escalated into real fights and police had to be called in.  We long for summer but as soon as it’s here we’re wishing it gone.  You do need to be careful what you wish for sometimes.

Love it or hate it the American elections continue to dominate our INTERNATIONAL news particularly the Republican Convention this week  (It will soon be the turn of the Democrats.) and I can assure my American friends it gets lots of coverage over here, especially THAT copy and pasted speech! 

In SPORT the Olympic Games approach but they will also be surrounded by controversy over the banning of the Russian athletics team.  The doping scandal rumbles on.  Personally I would much rather lose on a level playing field than win but know I had an unfair advantage.  Where is the satisfaction in that?  Particularly when some medal winners are facing the humiliation of being exposed and stripped of their medals and then being remembered for all the wrong reasons.

In ENTERTAINMENT many Idris Elba fans, like me, will be disappointed that he considers himself too old at 43 to be cast as James Bond.  Lots of us have other ideas and would point out that Roger Moore was 45 when he first played the role.

Finishing up in MISCELLANEOUS  I bring you the photos just released to mark Prince George’s 3rd birthday.  10/10 on the cuteness scale.

All links are courtesy of the BBC website. Opinions are my own.
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  1. ugh...and did your news bother to state the fact surrounding other copy and paste speeches? (Bush, Obama, and so on)

    Houses up here in upstate NY (we are 6 hrs away from the "city") do not have central ac either...we have 4 window ac units...that work overtime. Hot and humid here as well...I think its safe to say, the upper hemisphere is suffering thru the heatwave.

    Prince George is just plum so cute...smiles --he looks like his daddy, doesn't he?

    I am not a fan of Idris--I personally like Tom Hiddleston (sp?) to play the part...and will miss Daniel Craig.

  2. Prince George is adorable! Thank goodness he doesn't take after his grandpa!!

    I think it is right and just that Russia has been banned. They have been getting away with doping for well over 50 years. I remember scandals from back when I was a kid and some of their "female" athletes looked more like men. Like everything, what was good and moral has been tainted and made dirty by greed and politics.

  3. I missed those cute birthday photos this week so thanks for the link.

  4. Prince George is so adorable. I loved his birthday pictures. Yes, our American politics are dominating our news too. And I, for one, am sick of it! But it won't end until after the elections. If then! Very hot here in Kansas too. I have A/C in my home but not in my car. So I don't like to spend much time driving. We are up to 106* here today


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