Thursday, 14 July 2016

A-Z Road Trip, Day 2 14/7/16

Today I’m doing another leg of my A-Z Road trip, visiting those bloggers who also signed up.  You can check out the list here

I'm hoping to visit at least 5 blogs on the list per week and post my thoughts here on my blog.  These are my thoughts and while I hope not to be less than constructively critical I definitely don't want to cause anyone offence.

I’m starting at #12 this week – The Write Game This is the blog of writer C.Lee McKenzie a published author.  It’s a very professional looking blog that’s regularly updated.  The A-Z posts followed the theme of Cuba with lots of interesting facts and well worth a visit.

#14 is New England Momma and this is the blog for you if you’re a mum in New England or if you like camping, the theme used for the A-Z challenge.  The challenge was almost completed but there have only been a few posts since.  But I didn’t have time for blogging when my kids were young either.

#16 is Penguin’s Wanderlust who is a follower of The Burning Man which apparently is an art festival that takes place in the Black Rock Desert.  Another professional looking blog but, and I may be wrong, there didn’t seem to be any A-Z posts!  Enough said.   
There was mention of taking part in a video blog a day challenge in April but I find watching video blogs can quickly take huge chunks of time and I tend to skip them unless the subject matter really catches my attention.   

So after this short detour I moved on to #18 - Thoughts and Opionions There haven’t been a great number of posts on this blog since the challenge but the challenge posts were very detailed and had lots of photos and were all about places in India where the blogger is from.  Definitely worth a look if you’re thinking of visiting India any time soon.

 #20 was another detour!  The link is Silence is Poetic and the blog is silent in that it seems to consist entirely of pictures (quite often beautiful landscapes) with quotes superimposed on them.  But none of them followed the A-Z challenge.  The whole blog was pretty anonymous too but hey we all have our own reasons for blogging.

Having had two detours I decided to plod on in the hope of finding a current blog with an A-Z challenge successfully completed.

 #22 Daily Musings on a bed of fresh snark didn’t disappoint.  The blogger, Debra Strege, tells it how it is.  The challenge was completed and Debra posts regularly.  She describes herself as “ an authentic, enthusiastic, passionate communicator. I have a natural curiosity that translates to knowledgeable, relevant, witty and, where needed, snarky communications! It is because I take the quality of my product seriously that playfulness and humor are essential.”
This comes through in her writing.
I decided to take a rest while I felt ahead.  More next time.


  1. What a interesting challenge...smiles. Have a beautiful rest of the day, friend.

  2. Doing the roadtrip seems like a great way to discover more blogs. Something I'd like to do if I had more time.

  3. Thanks for taking my turn off and stopping by The Write Game to say hi! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Thanks, Wendy! I am glad my blog pleased the palate. I am honored to be mentioned in #22! And, no, I am not being snarky saying this! Cheers! Debbie

  5. A fun (and different) roadtrip! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. This is quite a different kind of challenge you have set yourself. Should prove very interesting.

  7. One of my frustrations with the A to Z Challenge. Maybe that is why I'm not on the Road Trip this year!


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