Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Book Review - A Room Swept White - Sophie Hannah

A Room Swept White (Spilling CID, #5)A Room Swept White by Sophie Hannah

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is quite a complicated book to follow. It's told, partly from the POV of Fliss Benson, a TV producer, and partly from the POV of the police. Fliss is tasked with producing a documentary that follows the cases of 3 women who were accused and then acquitted of murders following unexplained cot-deaths. The Doctor who helped to send them to prison is also under investigation for misconduct.

Fliss is sent a mysterious card with a set of 16 numbers on it. Then one of the documentary subjects is found murdered, with an identical card in her pocket.

As Fliss begins to review the information passed on to her by her former colleague, who was instrumental in leading the campaign for proving the women were falsely accused, the story gradually comes to life and the identity of the killer is revealed.

It was difficult to keep all the characters in my head at times and I'm not sure about the way the book was ended but I was impressed enough by the writing to explore more from this author.

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