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Wednesday Hodgepodge 19/10/16

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1. What would you say is your strongest sense?
I think I would have to say sight.  My husband will claim I don’t listen, my sense of smell is pretty average, I’m definitely not a food connoisseur and I’m not particularly touchy feely.  But I am quite observant and having 2 close relatives who are blind has made me realise how much we take for granted sometimes.
2. Do you believe in the idea of a 'sixth sense'? Why or why not?
Not particularly.
3. When do you most feel like a slave to time? Explain.
Mainly if I’m working against a deadline.  Fortunately, as a non worker, most deadlines these days are self imposed so they are easier to adjust!
4. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? How would you rate the experience? If you could own a restaurant what kind would it be?
The nearest I’ve come to working in a restaurant was working on a food stall at a major football ground.  I don’t think I’d want to own a restaurant – the hours can be pretty hard.  I’d prefer a tea shop with lots of yummy cakes on hand.
5. Ever traced your family tree? Share something interesting you learned there.
The family tree on my Dad’s side is a bit complicated.  When his parents split up he went with his Father to Yorkshire, his Mother stayed in Wales.  His father subsequently remarried and there were step-siblings and half-siblings brought into the equation.  We knew his half-siblings but his step-sister had a rather chequered past and contacts were severed with the welsh side of the family.
Unfortunately I was only 22 when my Dad died so we never spent much time discussing it.  Part of me would like to research this, but part of me feels that maybe it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie as this early part of Dad’s life was not particularly happy – he was working in a coal mine at 14 with his Dad and joined the army as soon as he could to escape that.  Then WW2 broke out and he was one of the soldiers rescued from Dunkirk.
6. What did your childhood bedroom look like?
I had a thing about purple and Donny Osmond.  I’m sure you can conjure up a picture of it!
7. Anyone who knows me knows I love chocolate.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Well I’m a slave to time at the moment – we are continuing with the redecoration of one of the spare bedrooms.  It has to be ready for 4th November when we have guests coming to stay.  I should be putting a second coat of paint on the walls today but I seem to be blogging procrastinating! (I'm good at that.)


  1. Nothing like company to light a fire under you!! Hope your room turns out great!
    I liked your answer about self adjusting your deadlines, I am right with you on that!
    I remember quite a bit of purple back in the day!

  2. A tea shop does sound a lot more fun than a restaurant.

  3. Wow, regarding the history of your Dad. My dad had a sad childhood, it is never easy for him to talk about it. So I do not press.

    Good luck on the decorating.
    Have a good week,

  4. Such an interesting family tree answer. Brings with it so many questions. All I know of Britain's coal mines comes from the movies How Green Was My Valley and The Littlest Horse Thieves. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. I also don't know very much about my father's family. I knew my aunt and my two cousins, but then they fought for a heritage question and didn't talk to each other ever since until they both died. So I lost contact to my cousins too and don't know very much about my grandparent either !
    So your guestroom is nearly ready, painting goes rather quick !

  6. I am hoping to have family in for Thanksgiving and am trying not to sweat the fact that there may still be boxes unpacked. Definitely will still be boxes unpacked : ) Good luck with your bedroom re-do!

  7. That gave me a huge smile - purple plus Donny Osmond = Perfection! Enough said!

  8. "Purple and Donnie Osmond", I love it :)
    Best wishes with the continuation of that bedroom project! Your guests will love it.
    Kathy (Reflections)

  9. I hope things will go well with the redecoration. It sounds like a fun project to me.

    I think, thought it might be hard to process, I would want to know more about my daddy's early life. It would help me to understand more about the man that I knew. I know learning more about his mother's childhood and early adulthood helped me to relate better to her. I started off life scared of my granny. Once I knew her story, it was very easy for me to love and accept her. She endured so much. I don't like what happened to her, but I am glad to know about it.

    Have fun with your guests when they get there. :) Have a blessed day.

  10. I think that it is amazing that your father was part of one of the largest rescue attempts in history performed mainly by civilians. This is a real point to be proud of.

  11. I think it is true that we take all of our senses for granted. I had a conversation with an elderly lady at the nursing home where I worked. She was almost completely blind from macular degeneration. She used to ponder whether losing your eyesight or hearing would be worse. I think the eyesight for sure would be the worst.

  12. Another person with a purple bedroom! I was sure I was the only kid who wanted lavender walls, but you make three of us so far that I've read about! Ha! I enjoyed reading your answers today! Get that painting done!! :)

  13. A purple bedroom and Donny Osmond - that cracked me up! It got me thinking about all of the music stars who were popular when I was a girl and how dreamy I thought they were :-)

  14. A tea shop would be fun! I would love to find out more because I think future generations should know the history whether it is good or bad. Good luck with your redecorating project.


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