Friday, 21 October 2016

Time for Me! 20/10/16

Well I did eventually put my underwear on today, and top clothes, (I needed to get out and shop for dinner) but I decided that today was going to be a "Me" day.
We've been decorating on and off since Saturday, 2 coats of paint on the ceiling, 2 coats on the walls plus popping out for more supplies and ordering the carpet.  Tiring work when you've not done it for a while so today was designated as a day of rest and just pleasing myself.

Of course it's hard to completely rest when you realise the laundry basket is rather full, and the dishwasher needs emptying and oh there's some rubbish to be cleared up.  But there were breaks in between for blogging, reading etc.

We'll resume painting at the weekend.  I'm aiming to get it finished at the weekend so the paint has plenty of time to dry before the carpet is fitted.

I'm fortunate that I have a hubby who likes shopping.  I don't have to drag him to the shops.  In fact he'll often go off to do shopping on his own.  We even managed to agree on some carpet fairly quickly.  Just curtains and bedding and accessories to go!

The carpet is due to be fitted on 31st October and our first guests arrive on 4th November.  Sounds like I'm opening for business but of course this is just for friends and family but these first guests are actually friends of our son and daughter-in-law so I do want things to be as nice as possible.  We will also be welcoming DIL's Aunt and Uncle from America here in April next year so no pressure!

I spent part of today trying to find an anniversary gift for my daughter and her wife.  It's their first anniversary next week.  Their first year seems to have flown by.  Finding a suitable gift proved difficult.  I found a lovely record book for anniversaries that I thought would be a nice thing to keep but, fortunately, I spotted that on the page for recording things like where they met etc. there was a reference to "her" version of how they met and then "his" version.  Hmm, perhaps not such a good idea.

Thankfully I did find a site that had quite a few gifts suitable for same sex couples and hopefully the gift I've chosen will be delivered in time.  I also got a few ideas for Christmas presents so not totally a me day after all.  Actually, once you're married and have a family I think it's hard, but definitely not impossible, to have a totally "me" day.  It just takes a bit of planning and probably works best when away from home.


  1. Wow - a husband who likes to go shopping and on his own too. You're a lucky woman :-) I love the cartoon you have on the blog. It reminds me of the difference between how Americans use the term pants and how Brits use it, which made for some rather embarrassing moments for me when I first moved to Scotland.

  2. I do the same, my day off is usually Mondays ! There Mr. G. is away the whole day and I am alone with the cats ! Concerning shopping he is rather lazy, only food he would buy when I have no time, but all the rest furniture, painting colours or whatever the house or garden concerns, I do the shopping alone, he doesn't bother what I buy, what colours I choose, he is just happy that I don't ask his opinion, lol ! You must be happy that your guest room renovation is over now !!

  3. Glad you got a "me" day. You are right that we all need them now and then AND we really should designate at least a few hours for ourselves as often as possible! Good for the soul!!

  4. You totally deserve a 'me' day, and you don't even need a reason.
    The Laundry will eventually get done and so will the dishwasher get emptied. I have a husband too that does the shopping, (and the cooking) so yay for those kinds of husbands.
    And I say yes to days spent entirely in my jammies. Congrats on your daughter and her wife's anniversary - and good for you for finding the perfect gift.


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