Saturday 29 October 2016

Friday's Fave Five 28/10/16

It's Friday  Saturday so it's belatedly time to join in with Suzanne's Friday's Fave Five.
It's a place to come on Fridays and think back over your week and just post about 5 favourite things from your week. It can be anything that tickled your fancy over the week. Favourite quotes, posts, happenings, scriptures, recipes, pictures, great internet finds, etc., etc.

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Here are mine for this week, a day late as I was quite busy yesterday and then my son and DIL arrived for the weekend:

1. Last Saturday the son who lives with us and his wife made us a lovely cooked breakfast.  It's nice to be waited on.

2. Our niece's baby, Poppy, has her nasal feeding tube replaced with a permanent tube directly into her stomach through her tummy.  This was a worrying procedure for them as it involved a general anaesthetic and there were concerns over her heart when she was previously poorly but all went well.  This will make their lives so much easier.

3. On Wednesday we saw a play at our local theatre.  It was a modern day adaptation based on Chekov's The Cherry Orchard.  It might have helped if I'd done my homework beforehand about that story.  We've seen great plays and musicals at the theatre which I've been happy to recommend.  I can't say the same about this play but it was nice to have a night out with hubby.

4. Moving - it looks like two of our children will be on the move.  Our eldest son and his wife have put an offer on a property in Nottingham where they are based.  It's been accepted but not they have to get all their paperwork etc in order so will keep our fingers crossed on that one.  Our daughter and her wife, for various reasons, have decided not to continue with the purchase of a flat they were interested in.  Instead they are going to look to move from their rented flat to a rented house until they can afford to buy a house.  Our DIL has just become self-employed so her earnings won't count towards a mortgage at the moment which limited their buying power.  Hopefully in a year or two when she can show evidence of earning they will be better placed for a mortgage.

5. We've finished painting the spare room!  Yay! The carpet is due to be laid on Monday and hopefully everything will be ready for Thursday when guests arrive.  We might not have new curtains by then but the old ones have been washed and will at least provide privacy for now.


  1. I'd like someone to cook me a nice breakfast right about now. That was a nice gesture for sure. Glad the procedure went well for little Poppy. Our middle son and his wife will be moving soon. Hope all goes well with the paperwork for yours. Have a good weekend.

  2. That sure is lovely that the spare room is all painted and waiting for new carpet on Monday. Who knows, you just might get new curtains before your guests arrive. I always like it when a plan comes together. And then y'all will be able to enjoy this newly finished room after your guests leave.

    Too bad about the play. I have some friends that make any outing extra special even if the actual plans didn't turn out so great. Sounds like you have that kind of relationship with your hubby.

    Hurray for being treated to a cooked breakfast. Sure is nice to be pampered once in a while.

  3. Having guests is a wonderful reason to be late. No worries. Congrats to your son and dil on their home purchase.
    That was good news about Poppy!

  4. What wonderful news about your son and dil - exciting new beginnings in a new home :)

  5. That is too bad about the play but at least you got a night out. Congratulations to your children on their moving.

  6. It's always fun to have some else do the cooking especially breakfast! So glad to hear that things went well for Poppy. I'm sure that is a huge relief!

  7. Good news re little Poppy - I hope she does well with the stomach tube. What a sweet name!

    My son and his wife are also in the process of buying a new home - in London. Exciting but stressful. They're expecting a baby at the same time they're supposed to make the move. Yikes!!

    Sorry the play wasn't quite your cup of tea - I've heard of The Cherry Orchard but haven't read it.

    Hope you're having a good week.

  8. I wish your kids the best with their moves.

  9. I must have missed something, you have a son who lives with you ? I thought they had all flown the nest ! Sometimes a theatre play can be a flop, but as you say it's still an evening out ! We had a big Facebook party in our Waterloo group, dinner, music and and a humorist, was very nice !


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