Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hanging around going nuts!

There's no Hodgepodge questions today so I found myself pondering on what to post about.  I find that happening a lot lately.  I haven't been as motivated about blogging.  Finding motivation in general can be a bit of a challenge some days.  

I know I don't perhaps comment as much either, especially if I'm reading on my iPad as using the keyboard on there for anything more than a few words drives me nuts.  Apologies for that.

Adapting to life with hubby home an additional 2 days is also proving a challenge.  Especially when the week doesn't go to plan.  Last week was a bit like that.  He was home Monday and Tuesday but we were occupied with funerals.  This week he worked yesterday (Tuesday) but is home today (Wednesday).  He will also be home tomorrow due to a hospital appointment.  This lack of routine drives me nuts.

Maybe that should be the theme of this post - things that drive me nuts.  Hubby at home all day without any plan and following me around drives me nuts.  Feeling guilty for sitting around reading or blogging when he's at home drives me nuts.  Are you getting the picture yet?  

I was fortunate to have over a year at home on my own when I could just do what I wanted without being under any scrutiny.  Now I feel under scrutiny.  A lot.  Which is an unfair assessment really because Hubby is so unobservant he probably wouldn't be able to tell you what I'd been doing all day anyway!

This week really feels like an "in limbo" week.  On Monday I had to wait in for someone to come and repair the bedroom window that was broken.  On Tuesday I was waiting in for the washing machine repair guy.  Both of those things are now fixed but just waiting around is unsettling.  Today we seem to be waiting around for the medication Hubby has had to take to work.  Tomorrow there will be waiting around at the hospital.

Fortunately Friday has a plan.  I have friends coming for lunch so I will have to shop and prepare for that.  I've decided on my main course (chicken with noodles) I just have to work out dessert.  Then it will be the weekend where lounging about feels allowed.

Next week I can get started on some painting - did I mention that we've been waiting for plaster to dry and yes, you've guessed it, that's been driving me nuts too!  I dread to think what I'll be like when it gets to waiting for the paint to dry.  Might need men in white coats!


  1. I totally understand everything you are saying here. It drove me nuts when Richard retired and I was still working. I used to love my days off and then he was home on those days. (Now I would take a day of him driving me nuts!!) Now it is the grandson who is no longer going to school but just waiting for his future to pan out is driving me nuts. Hang in there girl!

  2. Understood...all of it. Good luck with the painting. Not my favorite thing to do, but always glad when it's done! When I retire, Joe is the one who will likely be going nuts because he retired a few years ago and has the house to himself all day. We'll see what happens!!

  3. For the moment I am feeling exactly like you ! I am not motivated for anything and it also makes me crazy when I have no plan for the day ! As I find no satisfaction in household stuff and cooking or gardening, I spent my time creating things on my computer ! I hate when every day is the same like a pearl necklace. There is not much going on either, and it's cold now too. I am happy when I have my two days off, that means that Mr. G. is not around ! Isn't that crazy when you are freshly married you stick all the time together and now I am happy when I don't see him for a day ! After all these years he is retired now, I should be used too, but I am still not ! I try to go out with Nicole who is in the same state ! But now it's cold and our possibilities are limited. Less is going on too. I think that's always the same in autumn, summer is gone, winter is not there yet, we are hanging in the middle.


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