Saturday, 18 February 2017

Just give it a go! (Or just Do it!)

A while back I mentioned that my mantra needed to be Just Do it!  I can be the queen of procrastination at times and I often have to remind myself of the mantra.  I think I also need another one - Be positive!  I can also be quite negative.

Putting the two together of course isn't always easy.

But sometimes it is.

I'm harking back to the controversy that is still raging over the proposed changes to the A-Z challenge this year.

As I see it, last year I would have had a master list to work through.

So each day I would have to:

  1. Publish my post.
  2. Go to the master list and select a blog to visit.  Leave a comment.  Repeat according to the number of blogs I intend to try out each day.
  3. Visit the blogs I've previously visited and want to see more of. 
  4. Respond to comments left on my blog

This year I will need to

  1. Publish my post.
  2. Update my sticky note pre-prepared with the latest link *
  3. Go to the daily A-Z post and add my link as a comment.  
  4. Visit blogs from the comments on the daily post and repeat according to the number of blogs I intend to try out each day.
  5. Visit the blogs I've previously visited and want to see more of. 
  6. Respond to comments left on my blog
That's 2 more small steps to be done.

I'm going to Be Positive and Just Do It! 


  1. that's the spirit! I've been mostly doing it the way you've described for the past few years and it's worked for me. I think we'll all find this years Challenge approach to be essentially mostly the way we blog all year long anyway.

    I think I'll still miss the list--it gave me a number of people who were signed up though not accurate in actual participation--and maybe we'll find another find of list method for next year. This year we're going to experiment.

    Good luck! And have fun!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Yeah, I see the issue you are having. But, like you said, if you're going to participate, you just have to suck it up and just do it. You'll probably get the hang of it pretty quick, though. Good luck.

  3. That is a good attitude. I just can't decided yet if I want to participate. I am struggling with finding the enthusiasm!

  4. Both seems complicated ! Usually I put my link in the linky thing and then visit a few of those who have also put their link. All would be impossible.

  5. That's awesome!

    Link works great!
    Co-Host, 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

  6. I'm willing to try it with a few extra steps as well. I really did like to see the whole list of everyone who signed up. But, the further into April we went, it was disheartening to see people who didn't continue and/or wade through other posts to find the A to Z ones. I loved the traffic that I got to my blog through "the old way" so I hope that I see the same type of engagement this year, perhaps even more? Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts. Found you through the IWSG list/comments area.


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