Saturday, 11 February 2017

#SoCS - 12/2/17 - So/Sow/Sew

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “so/sow/sew.” Use one, use ’em all, use ’em any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start and end with any of them. Enjoy! If you want to join in the fun click here.

Sow would seem like an odd one out here if you think of it as a female pig because then of course it would sound different but as the verb to sow or scatter seeds then it sounds the same as so and sew.  English is a complicated language.  Especially when sow is also another word for a lump of pig iron.  

Out of the three I probably prefer to sew with my needle and thread.  Not that I've done much of that lately apart from fixing buttons or torn pockets where hubby tries to cram too much into them.

I'm wary of using so.  So many people dislike the use of it at the start of a sentence.  Oops I just did that.  And of course I can't go back and change it because this is a SoCS post.  If it wasn't I'd probably go back and take that and out too.  So where was I?  Losing my train of thought.  Good job hubby isn't proof reading this.  He can be very pedantic about grammar.  In that respect he can be a right so and so!


  1. You're right, the English language is complex. It never occurred to me to look at "sow" in this prompt as scattering seeds. I only pictured a pig.

  2. I have to protest ! English is a very easy language that's why the whole world choose it as a kind of "Esperanto" ! Try to learn German, or French, these languages are only made of exceptions. BTW I love pigs, especially the little black once. Wished I could have one !

  3. I tried learning French, Spanish, Japanese and German (my sister inlaw is German)---no can do. My southern accent just can't do it, giggling.

    Thanks for the smiles Wendy, have a beautiful day friend.

  4. Love this!! And English is a very hard language!

  5. I start a lot of sentences with "So...." I'm learning to edit them out, unless they serve a purpose.


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