Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge 1/2/17

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1. Can you believe it's the end of January? What was the best day of January 2017 for you, and why?

Several good days in January.  My daughter had her 20 week scan and all is well.  My eldest son completed the purchase of his first house and although the reason we were together was sad (1st anniversary of my MIL’s death) a crowd of us attended Mass together on 22nd and then went for lunch.
2. What sounds make up the background noise in your life?

Not much during the day.  Traffic if I’m in the lounge.  TV if it’s on.  When the kids are home will often hear them laughing together.  That’s a good sound.
3. I read on the Power of Positivity website a list of ten things to drop from your life right now. They are-

anger outbursts, people who put you down, regret, negative self-talk, being a people pleaser, the notion you need to be perfect, the past (but keep the lessons learned!), gossip and judgment, comparing yourself to others, and the word hate (focus on what you love instead)
Which thing on the list do you most need to drop? Are you trying or will you try?

There are several on that list I could drop but I think I’d start with negative self-talk.  And yes I’m trying.
4. What is sacred to you?
Well Faith is a given but after that it’s family.  Not much I wouldn’t do for them.

5. January is National Oatmeal month. Are you a fan, and if so how do you like it?
Not a great fan but I do have porridge for breakfast quite often with plenty of milk and sweetened.  (I use a sugar substitute)

6. What feelings does twilight stir up in you?

Depends.  During the winter months when it heralds another long dark evening it makes me yearn for spring and longer days.
7. Something you're looking forward to next month?

Visiting my son and his wife in their new home.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Who would have thought that these two small things could make my washing machine sound like it was going to break down or worse, explode.   
Well they certainly did.  Had to fish them out of the filter.  They shouldn’t be removable!


  1. I had my washing machine stop ! Panic ! Had to call a technician, and what was it ? the wire of my bra !! That's nice that you will visit your son and DIL !

  2. Fortunately I checked the filter before calling someone out or I would have had to pay a call out fee even though it's under warranty

  3. Oh gosh collar tabs! Thankfull my husband is retired and wears casual shirts. A new grandbaby! Love being a grandmother! Congratulations!

  4. Great Hodgepodge post and lovely news about your daughter and son. I see you participated in the A to Z last year (I participated in 2015 but not last year and plan to join in this year) - I clicked over on your link and what a great theme - London's Underground Stations. I'm going back to have a read. Nice to meet you.

  5. Congrats on the wonderful news about your daughter. I bet you are counting the minutes until that baby's arrival!! Enjoy your week.

  6. I can just imagine how excited you are to welcome your grandbaby into the world! Have a wonderful day!

  7. I think we are all looking forward to hearing about the birth of your grandchild! Joe always took his dress shirts to the cleaners, so I didn't have to deal with those removable collar stays. How awful that they got stuck in the filter! I enjoyed reading your HP answers!!

  8. Lots of happy things to look forward to this year. It's funny how something small can make such a lot of noise in a washing machine. Hubs is good with the collar stays, but often I catch a chapstick bouncing around in there. They melt so I try to check pockets before I start the machine.

  9. I always thought porridge was oatmeal. At least that was the impression I got when I was offered porridge in a Scottish B&B and what came was oatmeal. From reading, I see that oatmeal is a form of porridge. My head hurts...

    Collar stays are typically sewn into the collar, but I've seen them as removable and in fact have seen brass collar stays. The more expensive the shirt, the more fuss you have to put up to take care of it...

  10. Glad things are good with your daughter and son. Sorry about your washing machine. I enjoyed reading your answers.

  11. Enjoyed reading your answers. An exciting year ahead with the birth of your grandchild.


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