Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday's Fave Five - 13/4/18

Friday is time to look back on the week and find five things to be grateful for.  Drop in to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for full details and other participants.

Well I have been AWOL for a couple of weeks - life has been a bit hectic so lots of things to be thankful for and here are 5 from this week: 

This feels like Groundhog day because that is what I wrote on my last FFF post which was 3 weeks ago!   But I am now looking after Grandson Nathan 2 days a week, I'm halfway through the A-Z blogging challenge and sometimes there don't seem enough hours in the day!

But still lots to be thankful for:

1)  The baby bumps are doing well and getting bigger all the time.  I'm so excited for June to come when my 2 sons' babies are due.

2)  We are officially mortgage free!  We only had a very small balance left on our mortgage but the term finished this week and we repaid the final balance today so every brick of our house is now ours.  Doesn't make a big difference overall but it is a nice feeling.

3)  My son and his wife have a date for moving out!  Well, they have a date for getting the keys to their new home, moving out may take a few days.  They don't have masses of stuff to move but need to wait for some essential things to be delivered, like a bed, a fridge etc.  But at least they can start preparing now and I will be able to reclaim space in my house.  Then I can think about spring cleaning assuming that spring ever really gets here.  Been wet and murky most of the week but they're promising us a heatwave next week.

4)  Looking after Nathan is hard work, exhausting but oh so lovely.  I'm priviliged to be able to spend so much time with him.  And sometimes there's even the time to get a cup of tea!

5)  School holidays - my DIL who teaches has been at home these past two weeks.  It's nice having the company, plus she's cooked some meals for us.  Especially good when one of those was yesterday when I'd been with Nathan all day and didn't really feel like coming home to cook.  

So not a lot of exciting things happening and I've been fighting a cold all week, but lots going on in the background and lots to look forward to.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I have caught Joe's cold and have been miserable all day. Blecht! Nathan is so big!! What a cutie! And soon to have two cousins! Congrats on paying off your mortgage! It IS a big deal!

  2. Nathan is a cutie!! How fun to babysit a grandchild!

    I hope you get some nice sunny weather soon!

    Nice to come home to a cooked dinner!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Oh!!! And huge congrats on paying off your mortgage....we have about 4 years left on ours!

  4. Nathan is getting so big. Hurrah for being mortgage free, smiles.

  5. You have been very busy! Congrats on paying off your houses mortgage. I remember when we did that--what a great feeling!
    Enjoy your grandma time with Nathan even if it's tiring.

  6. You are doing well. I love looking after the grandchildren but it exhausts me. Don't always comment but am enjoying your A to Z challenge.

  7. Congrats on becoming mortgage free! Such a great accomplishment. June is coming up exciting! Little Nathan is so adorable all zonked out in his stroller.

  8. I feel the same about my little grandson. I love time with him, but I am just exhausted afterwards! How cool to have your mortgage paid off! That's usually the biggest payment, so it must be nice not to have that any more! How exciting for your son and d-i-l to look forward to their new home!


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