Monday, 23 April 2018

T is for Table Tennis

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For my A-Z challenge this year I'm taking a look at sports. Olympic ones, ancient ones, weird ones and some just non sporting sports.  I'm not athletic or even particularly fit but there are some sports I enjoy watching and in composing my posts I've come across many that I'd never heard of.  Join me in a sporting journey from the comfort of your couch (or wherever else you're reading this) and thanks for stopping by.

There are several T Olympic sports but I've chosen Table Tennis because it's one I have played. That's not surprising when apparently Table Tennis has the most participants across the world, especially since its growth in popularity in China.

It has progressed a long way from its origins as an after dinner sport played using whatever equipment might be available, including champagne corks and a row of books used as a net. Rackets are now very high tech and players can smash the light, hollow ball at speeds of over 150 km per hour. You wouldn't want to get that in the face! It's definitely fast and furious.

There have been World Championships played since 1926 but it wasn't an Olympic sport unti 1988.

When I say I've played Table Tennis that's perhaps an exaggeration. I've tried to play table tennis. I'm not good at it but it's fun to play with friends and family. When we all get together for our summer break there is a table there and most of us will enjoy a game or two. Although chasing after the ball can become a bit tiring after a while.

But it's less tiring than chasing tennis balls. Tennis is one of the other T Olympic sports, along with Taekwondo, Trampoline and Triathlon. Martial arts are not my thing and although I have been on a trampoline in the past you definitely wouldn't get me on one now. Trying to do it with your legs crossed would be tricky. (Women of a certain age will understand the reference!)  We've already decided that anything ending with athlon isn't for me!


For stranger T sports there is Tent Pegging which has nothing to do with tents, is carried out on a horse, involves weapons and targets. I stopped at horse!

You could also give Tractor Pulling a try or if you want to get up close and personal Toe and Thumb wrestling are considered sports. I think I'll stick with Table Tennis what about you?


  1. Table tennis, better known as ping-pong.

  2. Now champagne corks on the dining table, that's a sport I can get into! :-)

  3. I've been so sick and have missed several of your sports but am happy to be here for table tennis. I've played ping-pong and enjoy it!

  4. Gave me a good laugh...I'll stick with watching tractor pulls on tv. LOL!

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