Friday, 27 April 2018

X is for Xing Yi Quan

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For my A-Z challenge this year I'm taking a look at sports. Olympic ones, ancient ones, weird ones and some just non sporting sports.  I'm not athletic or even particularly fit but there are some sports I enjoy watching and in composing my posts I've come across many that I'd never heard of.  Join me in a sporting journey from the comfort of your couch (or wherever else you're reading this) and thanks for stopping by.

Well I expect some of you were thinking my theme would come unstuck here but with so many Chinese Martial Arts it's not surprising there is one starting with X - Xing Yi Quan is that one.

But I could also have had Xiangqi which is a Chinese board game. It's a strategy game also called Chinese Chess so it's definitely more my cup of tea.

I love board games and strategy games and logic puzzles. Hubby and I enjoy doing crosswords together and we're quite competitive with the pub quiz in the weekend newspaper.

These might not be very energetic passtimes but having seen the effects of Alzheimer's first hand I'm determined to keep my mind in good shape even if I can't say the same for my body!


  1. Another interesting post, Wendy!

  2. I like to do word scrambles and jigsaw puzzles myself. I hope they really do keep my brain healthy. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  3. I did wonder what you would do for X :-)


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