Friday 12 May 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 12/5/23

Each Friday a group of us post about the good things from our week.  Our host Susanne keeps us on track - visit her here to find out more and see who else is joining in.

Here is my list for this week:

1)  Peace and quiet on the day of the Coronation.  Hubby had gone out and I had the house (and the TV remote) to myself.

2)  A knit and natter session on Wednesday.  Always fun to get together with other crafters.

3)  Solving an issue with an appliance thanks to finding an online manual.  Although I did end up having to e-mail customer support as I thought the one I had found online was only in German.  Turned out I just needed to scroll down about 50 pages to find the English section!  

4)  Hello Fresh meals this week.  We had a lovely chicken dish including Serrano ham and a truffled mushroom sauce, a pasta dish and a mushroom and bacon risotto.  We don't get them every week but it does add some variety to our meals.

5)  A successful shopping trip today for a dress to wear to a wedding we're going to.  I'm not great at shopping for clothes for me but Hubby tagged along and that helped.  Now I just have to sort out shoes and accessories.

Bonus:  Looking after this one for a few hours yesterday - I got a snuggle on the sofa while watching TV and lunch was pretty hassle free too.

Tomorrow is our daughter's birthday so we're babysitting while she and her wife go out for dinner and then to the theatre and Sunday there is a Jumble Trail in our area.  I'll be looking to see if I can pick up any toys for when the grandkids are here but trying not to add to my piles of books!  

Have a good weekend all and happy Mother's day to friends over the pond.  Ours was back in March.


  1. Thank you for the many smiles...and a happy belated Mother's Day to you, smiles.

  2. Love the pictures!! This weekend is our Mother's Day so wishing you a good one too!!

  3. What a sweet girl your granddaughter is.
    I didn't mention it in my faves this week, but I too had to shop for a dress to wear to a wedding. Except mine had to be bohemian style! So to the resale shops for me. And I found one that will work---if I add a layer to the top half.
    It would be so fun to join your knit and natter group just to listen :)
    Happy American Mother's Day!

  4. Of your achievements this week, the one that would have given me the greatest satisfaction would be finding a dress/outfit for a special occasion. I hate having to shop for clothes.

  5. I enjoyed your photos... made me smile seeing that sweetheart.
    Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding. :-)


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