Friday 26 May 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 26/5/23

Is it me or are Friday's coming around faster? lol

Time to reflect on the week and then head over to Susanne's site to see who else is taking part.  Join us here.

This week I'm grateful for:

1)  Quiet starts to the day.  Often my Hubby is first up and he will kindly bring me breakfast in bed, which is of course a blessing in itself.  But I also love days like today, where I'm first up, the house is quiet and I can enjoy my first cup of tea of the day looking out at the garden and watching the birds on the bird feeder.

This is my view from the dining room window.  

2)  Sunny, dry weather.  The weather has been good this week - no rain and a fair bit of sunshine.  Not too hot yet either.

Hubby and I did a walk together on Tuesday and I noticed that there are now 6 cygnets with our swan couple.

Last time I saw them together there were only 5.

3)  Good local community.  Last Sunday we had the Highams Park Spring Festival in the park.  There were a variety of stalls, music acts, classic cars, shire horses, fairground rides etc.  It was really well attended and I spent a couple of hours volunteering - first on the "Pelt a Pal" stall - which involved throwing wet sponges at someone in the stocks.  I didn't get any photos but I'm sure you get the idea.  Unfortunately it was a bit cooler last Sunday and not many people wanted to get wet.

My second hour was spent marshalling one of the road that leads down to the park that had been closed apart from resident's access.  That wasn't too arduous either although we did have to keep stopping people from parking on the through road as this had a stretch of "No Parking" for the day and the traffic wardens had clearly been out issuing tickets.

The event was really well attended and I'm glad that we're in an area where there is a good community feel.

4)  We had Rory, Vinny and their Mummy here from Saturday to Sunday as my son was away (Running a marathon in the Brecon Beacons!) so we took a picnic lunch over to the park before I did my volunteering stint.  Always good to spend time with the Grandkids and family but this week has been a bit quieter as Nathan and Ella are on holiday with their Mummies so I've been able to relax a bit more and get some reading done.

5)  A Knit and Natter session on Wednesday evening.  Always a fun time and I met Hubby afterwards for a quick drink in a local bar.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. sounds like a good week full of fun activities and also some down time!
    Now: I read a LOT of british literature. I've discovered that you all drink TEA (correct?) as your morning beverage whereas most Americans drink coffee (and LOTS of it if we work outside the home!) but we save tea for late afternoon or evening. (most of us and then it's usually caffeine free/herbal). in books set in England, I've noticed coffee is had in the afternoons or evenings! I find that interesting. Is that what you do?? Either way: it's WONDERFUL being the first one up enjoying the quiet morning.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend with all the things you love.

  2. What do you keep in the pretty little house in your backyard? I have a she-shed/studio.

  3. A good list, Wendy! I will be with my grandkids tomorrow (Saturday)!! Mine are a bit older than yours, though! Have a good weekend! xo

  4. I like quiet starts to my day, too. How sweet that your husband brings breakfast in bed. I like to have my Bible reading and prayer time while my husband takes his shower. I don't usually drink anything first thing in the morning except a sip of water with medicine. But if the air is cool, I'll make some instant decaf coffee.

    It's nice that the weather has been good. It has for us here, too. The swans and cygnets are cute. the spring festival and time in the park sound fun!

  5. A good quiet week is nice. Quiet mornings are nice, too. You have your first cup of tea and I have my first cup of coffee :)
    The festival sounds like so much fun!
    Have a good week!

  6. The park event sounds like it was lots of fun. Glad you are having nice weather. Love quiet, peaceful starts to the day. My hubby is up before me too and it has it blessing and it's challenges. The blessing is he always has a cup of coffee ready for me, the challenge is it takes me a good half hour to get my mind in gear and I like quiet to start my day. Because he's been up and has had a few cups of coffee already he's raring to go with conversation. LOL.

  7. I enjoyed catching up with you Wendy. :-) I love your view, I love that little house in the garden.

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