Wednesday 3 May 2023

Getting out and about

I managed a walk around the lake today.  I think this is the first time this year I've managed to do that in trainers rather than wellies.  It is still quite muddy in places but the edges of the paths are fairly well compacted so easy to walk on.  There was only one part where I went along the right side of the path which turned out to be the wrong side and I had to jump across a patch of mud.  Fortunately I landed on my feet and didn't slip and fall onto my backside!

The weather has been good so far this week and I've walked each day.

The pair of swans have had 4 cygnets this year by the look of things although someone posted pictures yesterday where there seemed to be 5 of them.  There was also a picture of 2 goslings but today there only seemed to be 1 with the pair of geese I saw.  The swan was already in protective mode of the cygnets, as in aggressive mode to any bird that dared to come near them.  It seems to be an ongoing battle every year.  

There is only one pair of swans on the lake and each year once the cygnets are fully grown they have had to be removed from the lake and rehomed elsewhere.  Fortunately there are several places nearby where there are lots of swans and no issues over territory.

These are the pics I took today.

Unfortunately another casualty has been the wooden bridge across the river at the top end of the lake.  It's still passable but the side bars have been vandalised.  Hopefully the authority responsible for the forest will arrange for it to be repaired.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery with us! I love the swans! We have a swan lake here in Lakeland and it is so fun to see them.

  2. Looks like a lovely place to walk. So glad you could get out and enjoy the scenery and get some exercise! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  3. Still waiting for our trees to leaf out. We have birds in our birdhouse, but no babies here yet.

  4. It looks lovely and we have had a couple of days to enjoy being outside. Which lake is that?


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