Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge 1/6/16

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1. Tell us about one fun thing on your June calendar. 

My birthday.  Although I haven’t made any plans yet – towards the end of the month so there’s still time.

2. How careful are you in the sun? Do you tan or burn? Do you make it a point to see the dermatologist every year? 

I’m usually pretty careful as I tend to burn.  I’m also not really a sun worshipper so I’m quite happy to keep in the shade.  I don’t see a dermatologist as I don’t feel the need.

3. Describe a time when you wanted to 'throw in the towel'? 

Well I did throw in the towel when I quit work last year.  I had tried very hard to adapt to various changes going on and to work with very difficult people.  But when it began to affect my health I walked away.

4. What's a song you love that has a day of the week in the title or lyrics? 

I’m rubbish at remembering music so I started by thinking of the day of the week and coming up with a song.  But I do like this song.

5. Are you a fan of berries? Which one's your favorite? What's the most recent berry dish you've eaten? Which blueberry breakfast food appeals to you most-blueberry pancakes, blueberry yogurt, or a blueberry muffin? 

I’m not a great eater of berries but we probably have strawberries and blueberries most often.  Of the above I’d chose a blueberry muffin.

6. What's something you want to do before your next birthday? 

I’d like to be fully recovered so that I can enjoy my birthday.  Before next year I want to get back on track with things in the house. 

7. June 1st is National Say Something Nice Day, so let's all say something nice here. 

I love this blogging community.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

I’m really appreciative of the prayers and good wishes for our niece’s baby.  They have identified a rare genetic disorder which they can now start treating but she’s still very poorly and has a lot of recovering to do.  The parents have been amazing at coping with all this and it’s great to be part of a large family that are all so supportive.


  1. praying for your nieces baby, hope you have a great birthday.

  2. I could be in the shade and still tan...sad to say. I enjoyed your answers and I enjoy the blogging community as well. smiles

  3. Sometimes its good to walk away from a situation that's creating health problems. I have missed the details regarding your neice's baby, but will try to read back a bit today. I've been off the blog for more than a week other than the HP. I will add her to my prayers.

  4. You were smart to walk away from the job when it started affecting your health. Nothing is worth that!
    Praying for your niece's baby.

  5. Still praying for your niece. Thanks for the update. I enjoyed your answers today! Always fun.

  6. Happy Birthday Month!!! We picked the same song, that brings back some awesome memories for me. Sending prayers for your niece's baby.


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