Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Before and after

This was the picture of the work in progress on the guest bedroom we've been redecorating:
 These pictures are of the (almost) finished room:

There are still a couple of things to finish but nothing that has to be done before our first guests arrive tomorrow.  I need a picture for above the fire place and the mirror needs to be fixed on the wall but they can wait.

I was busy all day today ironing the bedding and making up the bed, cleaning the window, ironing and hanging the curtains plus the usual everyday chores.  Somehow I managed to reach my current steps target without leaving the house!

I'm pleased with the way the room has turned out but I'm going to take a break now until after Christmas before starting on the next room.  My daughter hopes to be moving to a house in December so I'll be helping out with that and all the kids will be around at Christmas so I want to be prepared and not chasing my tail at the last minute.

Although you can be too prepared.  The supermarket that I do my online shopping with has priority booking for Christmas slots.  I was all organised with a reminder set on my phone to book my slot on 26th October.  I went online.  Nothing!  No slots beyond 15th November.

I was about to phone customer services to see what was wrong but decided to recheck the e-mail first.  I'm so glad I did - the slots open on 26th November!  But it makes a change for me to be so keen and ahead of myself!


  1. What a great transformation! It looks so cheerful and I love the fireplace.

  2. You did a beautiful job with this room!!

  3. The guest room looks beautiful!! I love the colors you chose and your guests will be quite comfortable there! Thanks for sharing the before & afters!!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Wendy, I love the pops of red in that room...beautiful. Always a pleasure to visit with you...and apologies, falling behind in visiting, sigh.

  5. your guest room looks real nice ! I love the red colour, that's always so cheerful ! I have a lot of red in our house, the kitchen walls are all painted red for example.

  6. Your guests are going to be delighted to be staying in that room. So much to do with Christmas fast approaching.


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