Thursday, 6 April 2017

E is for Estimate...A-Z Challenge 2017

My theme for the 2017 challenge is waffling on about random words!

That might not seem like a theme but if you read on you’ll discover it’s not quite as random as it sounds.  The words were generated using a word generator ( and I opted for 4 words each day.  I might focus on one or try and incorporate them all into the post.

Choosing the words this way has given me a challenge and a common thread to my posts but it has also allowed me to be myself and just waffle!  It’s what I’m good at.  (Don’t worry, I’m aiming for around 500 words per post so hopefully you won’t get stuck here for too long 😉)
And the words for today are….

I’m not very good when it comes to estimating.  I’ve been to several baby showers where one of the games played was to estimate the measurement around the “bump”.  I failed hopelessly every time.  A good game though.  One I hope to be playing sometime between now and June as that’s when I expect to become a Grandmother.  Although I’m opting for Nanny. 

I’ll need to enhance my baby skills.  They’re a bit rusty.  My baby is now 27.  He gets annoyed if I refer to him as the baby.  Once he has kids of his own he’ll understand.  He’s not the expectant father though which is a good thing as he and his wife are currently living with us.  They have joked about there being enough room in the house if they did have a baby before moving out into their own place.  I think I’d be the one moving out.  East London would not be east enough! 

Our area is becoming very desirable.  Our main station will be a Crossrail station when all the works are finished.  The Crossrail line will provide a fast service from Essex to the east of London to Heathrow airport and as far as Reading to the west.   It will also be known as the Elizabeth line in honour of our Queen.

While the works are being carried out at our station there is a temporary footbridge in place which means additional steps to get to the platforms.  Instead of just being able to go down to the platform you need you now have to go down, up, across and down again.  Not great when you’ve got a dodgy knee!  In addition, the other railway line in our area was also closed for months while they prepared to electrify the line.  It meant more people using that footbridge!

It will be better when the works are all finished but at the moment, at the weekends, you can’t go east, south, north or west as the trains are not running at all!
Are you expecting anything nice?   Would you consider moving East?


  1. You are my only connection doing A-Z this year. I love your "theme" and am enjoying your posts! We just moved and I'm not moving again!!

    1. Hopefully you're feeling more settled by now Terri

  2. We moved north! But at one stage we did move east. We lived in Kuala Lumpur for a while.
    I haven't been on British trains beyond London, but will have to get brave soon or I'll become one of those city dwellers who never moves more than a few blocks from home base.

    1. There is such a lot to discover in London though but yes you must travel further afield.

  3. Ha! Ha! The idea of a baby in your home! I'm not good at estimating either. I am enjoying your theme this year!


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