Tuesday, 18 April 2017

O is for Oil... A-Z Challenge 2017

My theme for the 2017 challenge is waffling on about random words!

That might not seem like a theme but if you read on you’ll discover it’s not quite as random as it sounds.  The words were generated using a word generator (https://randomwordgenerator.com/) and I opted for 4 words each day.  I might focus on one or try and incorporate them all into the post.

Choosing the words this way has given me a challenge and a common thread to my posts but it has also allowed me to be myself and just waffle!  It’s what I’m good at.  (Don’t worry, I’m aiming for around 500 words per post so hopefully you won’t get stuck here for too long 😉)

And the words for today are….


I am rubbish at checking the oil in my car.  I usually leave it so long that the warning light coming on is what prompts me to do anything about it although to be fair it hasn't happened too often.  Modern cars clearly need less oil than older models.

On one occasion the light came on when we had just set off on a long journey and were on the M11 motorway heading north.  I suggested we took the first exit as I knew there was a garage close by where we could get the oil and then be on our way.  Not so.  The junction that we exited off the motorway does not allow you back onto the motorway in the same direction.  We could only get back on heading south, as in back the way we came!

Apparently when the motorway was built the Royal Mint was nearby and the junction was designed to prevent any would be thieves making a quick getaway to the north.  Heading south quickly brings you into London with all its road cameras and CCTV everywhere.  It would be much easier to track vehicles there than further north with more rural roads and areas.

Now the mint is in Wales but the junction remains as it's always been so we had to take a much bigger detour than planned when we stopped for oil that day.  We even ended up on the dreaded M25, the motorway that orbits London.  This is an incredibly busy motorway.  Many stretches of it have been expanded from 3 to 4 lanes but it still gets congested and any breakdown or accident can bring it to a standstill.  I usually try to check the traffic news before we set out on any journey that takes us on the M25 as getting stuck on it is no fun. 

Overall I'm not opposed to motorway driving if I need to get from A to B by a certain time.  I know that some people will avoid motorways like the plague.  I do think that when people are learning to drive they need more experience on faster roads.  Navigating your way from a slip road into fast moving traffic can be scary at times.  Especially in the dark.  That's another area that isn't really covered in driving tests.  I think it's a good thing that some practical aspects have been introduced to the test though I'm sure many people are like me and rely on warning lights coming on to alert me that something needs attention.  As for changing a tyre, in theory I could.  I've studied the handbook and know what needs to be done but I could never do it in practice because I'd never be able to get the wheel nuts undone! 

How good are your car mechanic skills?  Country roads or motorways?


  1. My dad made me learn how to change a tire before I could take the car out on my own. That's as much as I know about working on a car, and I won't even attempt to change a tire now. I drive all the time and don't mind the freeways (motorways), but country roads are the best! Good words!

    1. Thanks Terri. I can add oil, water etc but anything else it's the garage or the AA if I break down - or get a flat!

  2. My car maintenance skills are not so great, but I can check the oil, so that is a good thing And I can put air in my tires after checking tire pressure.

    1. Mine are not that great that's why I have the AA to fall back on lol


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