Friday, 14 April 2017

L is for Lump... A-Z Challenge 2017

My theme for the 2017 challenge is waffling on about random words!

That might not seem like a theme but if you read on you’ll discover it’s not quite as random as it sounds.  The words were generated using a word generator ( and I opted for 4 words each day.  I might focus on one or try and incorporate them all into the post.

Choosing the words this way has given me a challenge and a common thread to my posts but it has also allowed me to be myself and just waffle!  It’s what I’m good at.  (Don’t worry, I’m aiming for around 500 words per post so hopefully you won’t get stuck here for too long 😉)

And the words for today are….


Well these are not very inspiring words but I guess I will just have to lump it.  Is that a familiar expression to you?  It was when I was growing up.  Anytime we were complaining about our lot we were often told to either like it or lump it!  Lumping things became the norm at times. As in we just had to get on with things even if we didn't like it.

On looking into the origin of the phrase I discovered the following definition in the Urban Dictionary, "The term "lump it" means to not do something or forget about itFunny how things change.

Growing up I was often in need of a loan and of course the biggest loan we ever took out was the mortgage on our house.  That's all but paid off now and the thing I loan most these days is library books.  I love to read but it can be expensive buying books, especially when you subscribe to a couple of on-line book clubs so now I'm not working and have the time to get there, the library is a great resource.

The only problem is that physical books read at night need the help of a lamp.  Hubby finds me having the lamp on a distraction.  He finds it hard to get to sleep with the light on.  Bit much when for years I had to put up with his snoring and now I have to cope with his CPAP machine.  I think I'm lumping a lot!.  Of course I could resort to online books and I do have the Kindle app on my ipad and phone but I do like the feel of a book.  There are some nights when hubby just has to lump the lamp being on.

Is there anything you are lumping at the moment?


  1. I recall that expression too, "like it or lump it" which I always thought meant to deal with it, or to get rid of it. But how it originated is odd. I suspect there are a lots of things I'm lumping - but that sounds odd to say it too! Maybe the overcast sky, and sometimes I feel our house is smallish for our stuff but I am chipping away at it - just donated 3 bags to the nearby church. Maui Jungalow

    1. I think we expand to the size of the house and then push the boundaries!

  2. interesting to learn what lump means in that expression. I always thought it just meant deal with it whether you like it or not. I like the idea of forgetting about it good. My husband doesn't like the lamp either when I want to read at night so the kindle is a perfect solution for us.

    1. I'm sure there are lots of things we'd just like to forget to do lol


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