Thursday, 27 April 2017

W is for Weakness...A-Z Challenge 2017

My theme for the 2017 challenge is waffling on about random words!

That might not seem like a theme but if you read on you’ll discover it’s not quite as random as it sounds.  The words were generated using a word generator ( and I opted for 4 words each day.  I might focus on one or try and incorporate them all into the post.

Choosing the words this way has given me a challenge and a common thread to my posts but it has also allowed me to be myself and just waffle!  It’s what I’m good at.  (Don’t worry, I’m aiming for around 500 words per post so hopefully you won’t get stuck here for too long 😉)

And the words for today are….


As most of you know my weakness is for chocolate.  I love it.  My favourite are the round Lindor chocolate balls from Lindt.  I have made sure my kids know exactly what I like.  And Hubby of course.  I like all kinds of chocolate as long as it doesn't have nuts in it.  Not due to allergies just because I don't like eating nuts.  It's a texture thing.  One thing Hubby can be sure of is that I won't pinch any of his Ferrero Rocher which he enjoys.

As for weapon of choice well it certainly wouldn't be a gun.  I was going to say I don't think I could even fire one then I remembered that we went clay pigeon shooting last year and I quite enjoyed it.  But my shoulder didn't agree the next day!

I think I'm going to give up getting on the scales to weigh myself. The scales keep lying to me.  I can't possibly have done all the walking and moving around that I did recently while staying at my daughter's and not lose any weight.  It really wasn't fair.  I came home from there feeling a bit of a wreck but I was so sure I would be a few pounds lighter that it was a big disappointment to find I'd lost nothing.  Well except for my Fitbit charger and an iphone charger.

I located the Fitbit charger when I went over again earlier this week but was still trying to work out where I might have left the phone charger when I remembered that I'd thrown it out when the wires split.  Told you I was a wreck.  At least I started off with 2 phone chargers and I did remember where the other one was!

So all is not lost.  Yet!

What’s your weakness?


  1. I don't like that one word....weigh! LOL Almost to May! You've done great, Wendy!

  2. Can you charge either the phone or Fitbit by hooking them up to the computer with a USB cable?

    1. I think the phone can be charged that way but not the fitbit, well at least not the model I have.

  3. Lindt balls totally rule over Ferreira Rocher. No competition.


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