Saturday, 8 April 2017

G is for Genetic...A-Z Challenge 2017

My theme for the 2017 challenge is waffling on about random words!

That might not seem like a theme but if you read on you’ll discover it’s not quite as random as it sounds.  The words were generated using a word generator ( and I opted for 4 words each day.  I might focus on one or try and incorporate them all into the post.

Choosing the words this way has given me a challenge and a common thread to my posts but it has also allowed me to be myself and just waffle!  It’s what I’m good at.  (Don’t worry, I’m aiming for around 500 words per post so hopefully you won’t get stuck here for too long 😉)
And the words for today are….





Well I might need a ghost-writer for this post as I’m not sure what to write about.

Genetics is a huge subject and so complex.  I guess our recent experiences of that relate to babies in the family.  Our own expected Grandson was screened early on for various genetic conditions, which also enabled his gender to be revealed.

Our niece’s baby was finally diagnosed with a genetic condition last year which fortunately saved her life.  She had failed to thrive since birth and had become really poorly (as in suffering from organ failure and needing life support) before her rare condition was diagnosed and began to be treated.  Fortunately she is doing really well now but recovery has been gradual and the condition is not curable but can be managed.

I think it definitely brought home what a giant step we take when bringing a child into the world.  I don’t feel we really think about it too much when deciding to have a baby and of course not everyone makes that decision.  Babies have a way of arriving when thought goes out the window!

Then suddenly (well if you’re the one who’s carried the baby for 9 loooong months not that suddenly) a new person is here and initially they are totally dependent upon us parents for EVERYTHING.   I can remember the first time I was really alone with my first born the realisation sinking in that I was totally responsible for this little bundle of joy screaming baby.  I had to work out how to make her stop crying.  How to keep her safe.  How to try and raise her into an adult that I would be proud of.   Somehow we managed to do that but the credit is not all mine.

Therefore I’m highlighting another g word today – grandparents.  My kids wouldn’t be the adults they are today without the great examples their grandparents gave them.  I hope I can be as good an example for my grandchildren.  June can’t come soon enough to make a start!

Are you a grandparent?  What’s the best part about it?


  1. I am an honorary grandparent and the best part is the cuddles for sure.

    1. Looking forward to the cuddles but have a while to wait.

  2. When we decided to have a baby I thought that's nice and when he/she is 20 then he is not my baby anymore ! Now he is 43 and I realize that he will never stop to be my baby ! And that a mother is needed a whole life ! As to grandchild I can' say much. I wanted to be the best grandma in the world and was so full of joy when Toby was born. But then slowly slowly I realized that they didn't want any advice or help. As they had Toby very late 35/36 and they had travelled the world before now it's all Toby. They are real helicopter parents and the other grandparents are in the same situation. We are not allowed to buy a gift without asking if it is right. He always comes with his father, never alone. They don't want to be separated. Sometimes I don't recognize my son and wonder how it was possible that he changed so much since Toby was born.


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