Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 28/2/18

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1. Are you currently operating at 100% capacity? If not, what % are you? What's keeping you there?
Probably 95%.  I’m not usually at 100% at this time of year during the shorter days, darker evening etc.  Bring on spring!
2.  Have you done your taxes? Planned/booked a summer holiday? Thought about or started your 'spring cleaning'? Besides what's listed here, tell us one task that needs doing before spring rolls around.
Don’t have to do taxes.  Not planning any holidays till the Grandbabies are here safely.  Spring cleaning is definitely on my mind but we have a couple of minor things to sort out first – including getting the kids into their new home.  No date for that yet though.
3. What's a favorite food from your part of the country?
London is so multicultural that we can access such a wide variety of food.  Traditional food would probably be pie and mash or fish and chips.  I like both but they’re not my favourites.
4. This isn't a leap year, but let's run with it anyway...look before you leap, a leap of faith, grow by leaps and bounds, leap to conclusions, leap at the opportunity...which phrase might best be applied to your life currently (or recently)? Explain.
Well I have leapt at the opportunity to look after my Grandson Nathan 2 days a week when Becca goes back to work in April.  This is probably a leap of faith too.  Hopefully I will rise to the challenge.
5. As the month draws to a close list five fun and/or fabulous things (large or small) you noticed or experienced in February.
A get together with all of hubby’s 7 siblings and their partners
A “ladies lunch” with friends
A catch up with former work colleagues
A quiz night with a difference (games were played between rounds)
Watching the Winter Olympics
6. Insert your own random thought here.
We have snow!  Lots of it by our standards.  We're in the throes of a spell of particularly bad weather blowing in from the East.

And it's cold!


  1. stopping by from the hodgepodge love your snow pics :) we didn't get hardly any snow this year, but instead lots of ice.

  2. Great photos. I am always happy to see PICTURES of snow. I also enjoyed your Hodgepodge!!

  3. Hello nice to meet you! I love that you are from England. I too am not from the US, where most bloggers are from. I'm from Paraguay.
    I took care of my (first) grandson last year, 3 days a week and it was the best time ever! We bonded and it gave me the assurance that I am still capable of taking care of a baby. Even putting him to sleep (my biggest fear). You will love it!

  4. Very nice photos. Do you enjoy the snow? Your pictures represent a very small amount for us in our area. We have piles and piles and I'm very tired of it.

  5. I am back from Egypt ! Into the cold ! Some of the Scottish tourists from our hotel are still stuck in Egypt, because Glasgow is closed due to heavy snow ! I see you also had your share ! Fortunately I "missed" all that ! My son and grandson are coming over the weekend !

  6. Sounds like the weather in the UK has been crazy. But snow does make for pretty pictures. I do love fish and chips. It’s been ages since I’ve had any.

  7. I hope you're resting up for the grandbaby : ) Sounds like so much fun! One of my favorite foods to get in the UK was curry. Maybe not traditional but definitely popular and so good! Have a nice weekend. Stay warm!


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