Thursday, 27 December 2018

Home for a rest! 27/12/18

I'm back from a wonderful Christmas break with all my family.  We all stayed together in this lovely house just outside Broadstairs in Kent.  (11 of us in total, Hubby, me, our 3 kids, their wives and the 3 Grandsons.)

I took these photos yesterday and regretted not taking them on Christmas Eve when the weather was better.

 This is us all sitting down for Christmas dinner, only Rory is missing - I guess he must have been sleeping! (And Vicky who took the photo!)
 We had such fun with these 3 this year.  Can only imagine what chaos they will cause when they're all running around.  It was hard enough work just keeping track of what Nathan was up to!  The other 2 mainly stay put at the moment although Rory has worked out how to roll over and over so he also needs to be closely watched.)

This was taken on Christmas Eve when most of us managed to get out for a walk.  The weather was so mild for this time of year although it did get a bit chilly once the sun went down so we headed back before it got dark.

We arrived on Sunday and came home today (Thursday) so we had 4 nights together and it was lovely.  We didn't do a great deal apart from plenty of eating, drinking and playing games.  We did get out for a walk one afternoon but it was just good to enjoy being all together and relax.

Yes I did relax, especially once Christmas dinner was cooked and ready to eat.  Organising that was a little bit stressful, especially working in a strange kitchen but I had a good team of helpers and I was able to mainly sit and delegate tasks.  I'm getting better at bossing people about delegating!

Fortunately the kitchen was well equipped and also had 2 ovens and a five ring hob so we were able to get everything cooked reasonably smoothly and we weren't too late sitting down to dinner.

Unfortunately the time flew by and it was time to pack up and return home.  In time for the engineer to fix our heating, again!  It broke down the morning we left so the house was very cold when we got back but nice and toasty now.

Tomorrow we're meeting up with members of Nick's extended family so that will be fun.  Then I think it will be a few quiet days to recharge our batteries.


  1. What a great time you had with everyone together! I just love that you all are able to get away and enjoy your time making memories! Those little ones will be all over the place next year!! I can't wait for photos and stories! On to the new year!

  2. Oh how lovely!!!! Smiles---I can't wait to hear next Christmas adventure when those little ones will be running around, smiles.


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