Saturday, 15 August 2020

20 in 20 - July Update

Ha another late report!  But here goes:

1. Fill out weekly/daily planner
This is mostly still working although I do end up being a few days behind at times.

2. Garden projects: Get window boxes for front garden plus big planters. Stepping stones for rear garden.
On hold until we have the new garden to work on.  For now it's just maintenance and keeping it tidy.

3. Plan a lunch date/date night with Nick once a month (theatre/cinema/meal/outing)
What's a date night?  Been so long since we had one I've forgotten what it's like lol.

4. Eat at 6 new-to-me restaurants
See above!

5. Complete the A – Z blogging challenge

6. Plan Family weekend for my birthday
Next year?

7. Take up an exercise class
Not happening!

8. Plan a road trip/holiday with hubby.
Hopefully one day!

9. Visit the beach
At some point!

10. Complete my reading challenge (52 books for the year)
I managed to read 9 books in July so I'm way ahead of schedule now. Quite a few of these were added to my Kindle app - books are about the only thing I'm spending money on right now! Full details can be found on my Goodreads page here.

11. Keep a gratitude diary
This is a big fail.

12. Blog at least once per week (plus regular memes)
I crept up to 21 posts in July with a few original posts so a better month overall.

13. Take a photo each week and blog about it.
I might have been a tad late with some of these but keeping to the plan.

14. Read 12 books on my TBR pile.  
15. Finish knitting WIP (blanket of squares)
No change during June. (But I have made 2 out of 3 blankets for the coming Grandchildren.)❌

16. Try out a new recipe or do a bake each month 
Nick has taken over the cooking for the time being.

17. Visit/see Noah every month
We didn't manage this in July but we have been in August. 

18. Get damp treatment done in house
At this point in time our house still has a buyer and they are aware that damp treatment is needed.  We reduced our price to reflect that so we won't have to get that work done.

19. Maintain weight
Fluctauated during the month but no overall gain.

20. Be kind to myself. Whilst I think it's good to set myself challenges sometimes life gets in the way or I just have days where I really can't be bothered. I need to accept this and not be hard on myself when things don't go to plan.
Things are definitely not going to plan this year!  But I am being kind to myself.

Well 40%  ✅ in July.  Slightly up on June.  The move is going ahead slowly.  Covid-19 continues to dominate our lives and I think we're all a bit out of sorts with all of that.

Hopefully when we move it will give us a kick start to be more motivated.


  1. Good job! All of this during a pandemic and getting ready to move. Wow.


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