Wednesday, 12 August 2020

20 in 20 - Weekly Photo #32 - 9/8/20

It has been so hot here that there is an ongoing fire risk to the open land by our house.


This is an area that was destroyed on Monday - our house is behind the tree line towards the right.

This was a little further away but you can see the scorched line to the left of the fire engine which extended quite a way.
This picture was taken from my bedroom window this morning.  Fortunately a passerby had noticed it and the fire service were there very quickly.

We're being promised thunderstorms tomorrow and maybe big enough downpours to cause flash flooding!  This land is so dry though that it would take a lot of constant rain to relieve the threat.

If I was working at home right now I think I'd have to set up my office in our cellar - it's the coolest room in the house.



  1. OH NO!!! Yikes, that is scary. WOW.

  2. Wow!! Scary stuff!! You got some good photos. Glad you are okay!

  3. In all honesty it's not that scary for homes/people - the roads tend to keep it contained and our fire services are brilliant at responding quickly. It's just the damage it does. Forest fires in places like Australia and California for example are much worse where people lose their homes etc.

  4. Here too it's unbearable hot we had up to 37° ! In the apartment it was OK but we bought an air cooleer, which is not an air conditioner it works fine and is much cheaper. My things are still unpacked in this heat it's just impossible to do something. Tomorrow we hand over the keys to the new owners will finish with water electricity and insurance, to allow them to start works in the house the official paper will be signed on Sept 9 and so long they are not allowed to live in there and they have to pay us a rent for this time. I am happy with this solution, with the lockdown, the holidays everything got late !

    1. Hope you've got the cooler weather now too.


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