Sunday, 2 August 2020

20 in 20 - Weekly Photo #30 - 26/7/20

Yep a day late again but here we go:

A lovely belated birthday present from my son and his family.  (Well more from the DIL considering the content)

A perfect present - chocolatea, Waterstones gift card to buy new books and a new bag to keep them in, hand crafted by Grandson Noah.

What's not to love?  Of course seeing him this weekend was a good present too!

I also had another gift card from my other son and family this week too.  One plus side of Covid-19 - birthdays go on and on.... (mine was back in June)


  1. Nice! Celebrate as long as you are able! Birthdays are precious!

  2. I love it.. birthdays can go on and on. Hee Hee. The bag is so sweet.


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