Friday, 28 August 2020

Friday's Fave Five - 28/8/20

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne.  To see how to take part and posts from other participants check out her blog: Living to Tell the Story. 

Here are mine:

1)  Time with Rory.  We were invited to lunch last Sunday and then we went for a long walk around the park.  It was mainly around the park as Rory like to be pushed along the road so he can see the buses!  We did spend some time in the park as well but vehicles are his favourite things.  During the week his Mummy often takes him past a building site and he loves watching the diggers etc and the crane going "up and down".  He is talking so well now.  He also got a haircut this week.

2) Two visits with Nathan & his Mummies - we went Friday so they could have some time out together and then stayed until Saturday so we could help sort some of their things out for the baby's room.

We also went on Thursday as they had a prenatal class on Zoom.  Nathan does like to watch out for us once he knows we're on our way!

3)  We finally got our sale contract through to sign so we've done that and returned it to our solicitor.  We hoped to have had some news on exchange and completion dates today but sadly not.  Still at least we have done everything we need to do now.  Apart from packing!

4)  I had a piece of good news today which I'll share when the timing is right.

5)  A hubby who doesn't mind doing the simple things in life - like putting your wife's socks on for her.  My back has been painful since the beginning of the week and although standing and sitting upright is generally ok, bending down is most definitely not!  The evenings have been a bit chilly this week and I've needed socks on but haven't been able to bend down far enough to do them myself.  I hate getting older lol.

So lots of good things but I really wish we had a definite moving date in place.  I also wish my back was easier but I know I just have to be patient on that.  Surprisingly (during these times) we have a quiet weekend ahead.  

Oh just remembered another blessing - Hubby and I actually went out to eat this week at a local pub.  I haven't been there before even though it's nearby.  It's recently been refurbished and has a large outside area.  We actually ate inside as it was quite chilly in the evening but the tables were well spaced, there was good ventilation and orders were taken at the table.  The food was typical pub food and not a great deal of choice but it was nice.  We also benefitted from the "Eat out to help out" scheme which meant it was relatively cheap too.  Hopefully we'll start venturing out a bit more but with all our pregnant DILs we're still being careful and trying to avoid catching this virus!

Have a good weekend all.



  1. The two little cousins look completely different ! One with a lot of hair and curls and the other not very much, like my son he was bald, lol ! Backache is something which I fortunately don't know, I think it is because I do each morning yoga gymnastic since 13 years ! I am happy to be able to announce now, that our apartment is completely finished, the only thing I have to do is hanging the paintings. The papers of the house will definitively be signed on Sept 9th and then we are a "rich" old couple, lol ! Since I switched to new Blogger and back to the old one, I have difficulties ! My sidebar is hanging under the post and the comments don't arrive in my emails ! I don't know what happens. I think I will do a new blog as continuation to my actual one. How is Corona going ! We have to wear masks now all the time outside and in the shops ! (not yet in my bed !) Fortunately I am feeling so happy in our new home, that I don't even want to go out !

    1. Yes they are very different and Noah is different again because he has much darker hair. I probably should be doing more stretching exercises to keep myself supple but it would be too painful at the moment. We're being expected to do more - go out and spend money, return to work, etc and schools are reopening next week. We have to wear masks in shops and public transport and anywhere that it is hard to socially distance. Older kids will also have to wear them in communal areas at schools. But there are so many exemptions and noone is challenged if they don't wear them even though there are supposed to be fines! It's ridiculous.

  2. When my grandson was younger, he loved construction vehicles, too. It's nice you got to spend time with Rory and Nathan this week. I hope the details with your house sale go smoothly and your back feels better. Sounds like a quiet weekend is just the needed thing.

  3. It sounds like things are moving along on all points. The kids are all good, the grands are adorable, the contracts are being signed... and you went out to eat! We are pleased to be able to do that here, too! Have a good weekend, Wendy!

  4. I am sure you will have a move out date soon. Sounds like very exciting times for you and your family.Have a good weekend.

  5. I love getting out for a meal and supporting a local business. In fact I'm meeting a friend for lunch today whom i haven't seen since our youngest daughters were 5 and now they are both 21!!!! She lives a bit north of me so we are meeting in a town between us.

    Rory is adorable!! Getting so big. Glad his speech and language is coming along, too.

    Congrats on the house sale! Exciting times.....

    What really helps me when my lower back is in pain is a couple of things: get a fitness ball and learn some back stretches to do on it. I will see if my chiropractor has a link to his i can send you. He is cutting edge techniques and it works!!! Also i highly recommend DoTerra Deep Blue Rub .....its all essential oils and works like a charm to remove back pain. Also to put on your socks independently, simply bring your bended leg up to your waist sitting on a straight backed chair with a
    I,low tucked behind your lower back. Easy!!

    1. Thanks for the tip Faith but I didn't find it easy lol. Thankfully the back pain has gradually eased over the week and I can now get my own socks on!


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