Friday, 7 August 2020

Friday's Fave Five - 7/8/20

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Essentially we pause on Fridays to think of 5 blessings from the previous week.  Here are mine:

1)  Time with Nathan.  We saw him last Friday here and then on Saturday we babysat him so him Mummies could have some time out together.  We're going to try and go more regularly now that we're not restricted quite so much.  Loving his curls.  His Mummies got their hair cut this week but Nathan refused to have his done.  He wasn't impressed with having it done in the garden - he's used to going to a shop where you sit in a car while your hair is being cut lol.

2)  We saw our eldest son!  Matt came down last Saturday and stayed until Sunday.  We hadn't seen him since February so it was lovely to finally get together.  He also managed to visit both his brother and sister while here so a busy weekend for him.

3)  I think we've finally got rid of most of the stuff we don't want to take with us when we move.  I had freecycled a few items and they all got picked up this week and we arranged a bulky collection by the council for some other bits, including an old metal filing cabinet from the cellar.  I'm sure there is probably more that we could jetison but I'm pleased with the progress we've made and we have plenty of space at the new house so we can take our time when we unpack and shed more items as we do.

4)  I got my hair cut again this week.  I'm loving having shorter hair but it does need trimming more regularly.

5)  I also did a bit of shopping after getting my haircut.  The shopping mall felt quite safe - one way systems were in place.  It wasn't very busy and people were wearing masks.  Many shops, especially the ones I used, had hand sanitizer available and restrictions on numbers etc.  I managed to get my DIL (Rory's Mum) a birthday present for Sunday and spent a book voucher I'd received for my birthday.  It almost felt normal.

No more news on the house moving front.  Our buyers are coming tomorrow and bringing a builder with them.  We're hoping that we can start talking about when exchange of contracts can take place so we can get a date for the actual move.  In the meantime my house is very clean and tidy!  And I'm exhausted lol.  It has been so hot the last couple of days.  But at least I wasn't working outside like some poor workmen were today.  They created a cycle path on the opposite side of our road some time ago but, because of lockdown, it hadn't been resurfaced.  Today, probably the hottest day of the year so far (30C+ high 90s F) they decided to tarmac the path.  Those poor men must have been sweltering!

We're set to have several more days of this heat but we're off to Nottingham tomorrow where it will be slightly cooler.  We're going to see Grandson Noah!  Been way too long.

Enjoy the weekend all.


  1. Nathan's curls are so cute! So nice that you were able to see your son, and that selling your home is going well. Have a good weekend.

  2. Those curls are BEAUTIFUL!! I wouldn't want them cut off either!! It is great to read that you are pretty much ready to make the move now! Hoping your buyers are anxious now, too! Do please keep us posted. Nice that you got some good time with your son and I know you will enjoy Noah and some cooler weather!! xo

  3. It's so nice that you are spending time with family again. How great to see your son! It felt odd going out to stores and such at first, but it quickly feels normal again. Except for wearing a mask. In my experience, people have been more friendly and patient with each other.

  4. I love those curls. xx oo What a cutie!
    Have a fun weekend.

  5. Yes, we are ahead of you on the house move. Before next week's FFF, we'll be out of our home. But I trust you will move forward more quickly now that restrictions are relaxed.
    Oh you will see all your grandchildren during this week! Enjoy Nottingham and stay cool!

  6. Focusing on our blessings is such good therapy for all and at all times. Thank you for this reminder!

  7. Oh that curly hair! So adorable! Good for you for getting rid of more stuff in prep for your move. Sometimes those decisions are hard. Hopefully it will all soon be done with and you can relax in your new home. Enjoy your trip and visit with your grandson

  8. om those curls!!!!
    yay for getting together with your son and getting your hair cut. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the professional look of short hair. And it makes us older women look younger!

    Enjoy the upcoming week

  9. The best is being with family! That is even more important now. I keep going back and forth about whether I want to cut my hair or let it grow.

  10. Your grandson's curls! I love them! I'm glad you were able to get a haircut. I know I felt like a brand new woman after mine. It's the little things always, but especially true in the year 2020.


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