Thursday 1 February 2024

And now it's February.......1/2/24

Well yes I know it's February but that means it's time to do a round up of the Just Jot it January challenge.

Firstly a big shout out to Linda for organising this for the 10th year!

I almost completed it and I did actually do 35 posts in January.  I missed one day when I'd been out for the evening with hubby but I did double up on the next day covering both prompts.  One post also just tipped over into the following day as I was working on it so late.

And I missed one day completely.  I think it was another busy day and the prompt "Despair" just wasn't doing it for me.  Of course I could have posted something totally random but I didn't.  

So I'm pleased with how the month went.  I also managed to read a few books and post reviews.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep up the momentum in February although I don't expect to be posting every day.

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  1. Good job, Wendy! I'm always amazed at your tenacity with the January challenge AND the A-Z coming up!!


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