Friday 9 February 2024

Friday's Fave Five - 9/2/24

It's Friday so time to look back on the week and share the blessings.  Like minded bloggers can be found here on our host Susanne's blog.

1)  It was our youngest son's birthday this week so we popped round to see him on the day with some banana and chocolate cupcakes I'd made.  We didn't have a long visit as it was a school night and the grandsons (Rory and Vinny) needed to get to bed early but it was lovely to catch up with all of them and we always get a very warm welcome from the little ones.

2)  My health.  We've been to 2 funerals this week.  On Monday it was our neighbour Anne's funeral.  We didn't really know Anne that well as she was in poor health when we moved here.  She suffered with a lung condition that led to her becoming more and more dependant on oxygen and eventually morphine.  She passed away on 1st January this year.  The second funeral was today and that was someone we knew from where we used to live.  Eileen was diagnosed with lung cancer in December and passed away in January.  Anne was 72, Eileen only 62. Inevitably funerals make you aware of your own mortality so today I'm grateful I'm in good health.

3)  A well stocked freezer - there have been a couple of days this week when we've been able to make an easy dinner from something in the freezer.

4)  Lots of TV choice - sometimes almost too much lol but at least I can always find something to watch when I need to.

5)  Fun with Grandson Nathan after school yesterday.  We usually get any homework he might have completed first but then we enjoyed a couple of games of snakes and ladders and then an improvised game of "The floor is lava".  He loves having the total attention of Nanny and Grandpa!

Tomorrow we're looking forward to seeing our other son and his family and then we are dog-sitting their dog for a couple of days while they are on a trip.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Funerals do make us take a deep breath and be thankful for each day. I'm sorry for the loss of your neighbors. I enjoyed your list and hope you have fun with your grandpup!! Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Wendy, yes good health is a great blessing. Glad you got to spend some time with your family during the past week. I hope you hav a good weekend. See you again soon.

  3. You've had a wonderful week with family, especially the grands.
    Although funerals aren't always 'fun', it is always good to honor those who have passed away. And, yes, it is a good reminder to be thankful for our own health.
    Have a fun weekend with your grand dog!

  4. Love those freezer meals! Funerals can be hard, and yet I often come away inspired by the lives of others. Especially when it's someone I thought I knew well, but then learn so much more about them.

  5. It is sobering when people our age or even younger pass away. It does one good to face our mortality sometimes. We like to keep the freezer stocked up, too. My husband discontinued cable service, but we are still able to choose from a lot of shows and movies via streaming. Hope your trip goes well.

  6. Sending hugs regarding the funerals.... no fun... but it is important to take time to say goodbye.
    Happy New Week,


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