Saturday 17 February 2024

Friday's Fave Five - 16/2/24 (A day late!)

Well I'm a day late with no real excuse for that but here are my five faves of the last week.  

1)  A visit from our eldest son and his family - they arrived on Saturday and stayed overnight.  They then went off to France for a couple of days and were back with us again on Tuesday, returning home on Wednesday.  Consequently we didn't have lots of time with them but it's always good to see them.  Grandsons Noah and Miles always look so pleased to see us.

2)  A catch up with one of Hubby's sisters last Friday.  She's undergoing chemo again but she is always so upbeat and doesn't complain despite all she's going through.  If I'm ever really ill I would need to take a leaf out of her book.

3)  Spare bedrooms and plenty of space in the house - this has enabled me to keep my distance from not only Hubby but also my daughter this week who has continued to work from our home despite me testing positive for Covid on Wednesday.  I felt a bit under the weather on Tuesday and worse on Wednesday and as we had my son and family still here then I thought I would test just in case.  The Foodbank are also keen for people to test if possible when unwell despite restrictions etc having been lifted a while back.  

4)  Lots and lots of reading time with no guilt attached lol.  I haven't felt too rough from the Covid but definitely achy and tired so I've indulged in lots of reading the last few days.  

5)  A hubby that can cook and take care of me and doesn't complain.  Makes all the difference when you're not feeling great to have meals and drinks appear at regular intervals.  

Hope you're all having a good weekend.  Mine will be quiet.  I'm hoping to get to my final session of the Diabetes Prevention course on Monday - hopefully I'll be clear of Covid by then.

Thanks to our host Susanne for reminding us to pause and think about the good things each week.  You can find her blog and more info here.


  1. Oh, Wendy! So sorry to hear the Covid news. I'm glad it's not been too rough for you. Kudos for your husband who has been taking such good care of you. Take care and get better!

  2. Oh was a year ago today that both my husband and I came down with covid.....we felt horrible for 8 days....glad you're starting to feel better from it.

    I LOVE days of just relaxing and I need to work on not feeling guilty when I do.
    It's a blessing when very ill people going through treatments can be upbeat. I'm still struggling with the (sort of unexplained) daily headaches and neck pain and although I'm weeks away from getting an MRI I'm trying to remain upbeat. but the chronic pain is getting to me. I'll add your sister in law to my prayers.

    How fun to see your grands/son even if just a short time.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I pray you recover well.

  3. Oh I am sorry you caught the Covid. It doesn't sound like it is too bad. I hope you are well soon.
    So good to see your son and family, especially Noah and Miles.
    Enjoy your quiet weekend...lots of reading time.

  4. Sorry to hear you are dealing with Covid. Good that you have a hubby that can take care of you. Mine has been doing the same as I deal with this ear infection. Resting and reading is what I have been doing. Good to give our body the rest it needs. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. So nice to have a hubby who knows his way around the kitchen! I hope you test negative soon! So sorry you have felt so bad. I enjoyed (always) you thankful post!! Thanks for sharing! xo


  6. I'm so sorry to hear you've been struggling with Covid. Did you read any good books to recommend? It's nice you got to see your grandkids, even if it was short.

  7. Thank heavens for the vaccinations for helping to keep Covid easier to deal with. Glad you have had an opportunity to relax and read. A welcome change to your busy life.

  8. Sorry to hear you have covid. All our test kits expired last month and I don't even know if they are still available for free or not. Sounds like you were well taken of. Feel better!


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