Wednesday 7 February 2024

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 7/2/24

I'm joining in with the Hodgepodge today - you can find out more here.

1. Something you've waited for recently? 

Books to arrive at the library.  The service is really good in that I can request books from local and even not so local libraries but sometimes they do take a while to arrive.  The last one I requested also went to the wrong library but it was close enough that I could get there without too much hassle.  I love my library service.

2. What's something you loved to do as a child? 

Dance - I took lessons in ballet, tap and modern dancing.  I did try ballroom but it wasn't my fave at the time.

3. Something you learned from a grandparent? 

Crochet.  I can remember my maternal grandmother teaching me to crochet.  She crocheted a lot - in particularly doilies with fine cotton yarns.  Not sure who taught me to knit - probably her too.

This is (one of my) WIP - I'm finally happy with the number of squares I've knitted so today I was working out how to put it all together.  I've also started knitting an edging.  Don't expect to see the completed work anytime soon lol

4. The most visited cities in the world last year (according to this site) were-Bangkok, Paris, London, Dubai, and Singapore. Have you been to any of the cities mentioned? Which would you most like to see? How do you feel about international travel in general these days? 

Well I live in London and I've been to Paris.  There is still so much of London I could explore and I'm ok with international travel although Bangkok, Dubai and Singapore are not on my must see list.  I'd quite like to visit New Zealand but Hubby's not that keen and soon (hopefully) our son and his family will be living in Vermont so we'll be trekking "across the pond".

5. February is the perfect month to 

Well I'm not sure what February is perfect for - we're not big celebrators of Valentines Day and it's quite often cold and wet in February.  Maybe staying home and concentrating on hobbies?

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I've had 2 early starts yesterday and today, doing the school run with my grandson Nathan.  Looking forward to a lie in tomorrow!  I'm not a morning person lol


  1. I wish Vermont was closer to Florida so I could have you visit me, Wendy!! I enjoyed your answers!! Enjoy sleeping in!! I look forward to those lazy mornings and don't get them often! xo

  2. Grandkids moving across the pond...I know this well. So thankful for Facetime and Vermont is lovely as is all of New England. Still the distance is hard. My oldest and her family will be in the UK for six months beginning late summer and we are planning our visit. What part of London are you in? If you don't mind my could pm me if you'd rather not share here. I will definitely be in the city in September and it would be fun to meet in person.

  3. I learned knitting and crocheting at school ! Only for girls ! I loved traveling but not to Dubai, Singapore and Bangkog, or Asian countries. I have traveled quite a lot so I won't miss it !

  4. That is fun that you learned to create with your hands from your grandmother. Hope you can visit your son's family once they move to Vermont. I've not been to Vermont but it looks like a pretty state to visit. This whole week has gotten away from me and I'm late visiting Hodgepodgers! Happy Thursday to you.

  5. Fun answers. I would love to visit the city where you live. Sounds like you are very busy with your grandchildren. I love all of your crocheting. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon.

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I have not visited Vermont, but I would like to. If you make it all the way across the pond, I will have to get my way over a few states and meet you. ;-) LOL
    I love that you learned how to crochet from your grandmother.

  7. We love our library as well. We can request book from any of our neighboring town. When the boys were younger we spent a lot of time in the library now they just let me know what they want and I pick it up.
    I have been to all of those cities. Paris twice, once with and without the kids, London as a family, Dubai was a long layover so should probably visit again someday. My husband lived in Singapore when we were engaged so I had visited him and I went to Bangkok way back with my parents and brother.

  8. My grandma crocheted a lot as well, and taught me how, though I was never that good at it. Your WIP looks great and I'd like to see the finished product whenever you finalize it! Hope you have a great week!


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