Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Day 2 or how not to make porridge 8/12/15

Some of the things I want to improve in line with my "just do it" mantra are my habits as in getting rid of the bad ones and keeping good ones. I want to lose weight and my plan for that is to eat healthily and exercise more.  Hubby and I both lost weight before by following the South Beach diet which is a low carb diet.  Recently though I've been eating quite a lot of bread.  Especially for breakfast.

Today my plan was to have egg and bacon.  But we had no bacon (except in the freezer).  It would have been very easy to just stick some bread in the toaster but, no I decided to make porridge.

Unfortunately I used the wrong size bowl as you can see above.  So I just had some congealed porridge and I just had to clean the microwave afterwards.  But I just did it!


  1. Oh my, I hate when that happens. It becomes a gooey sticky mess! If it sounds like I've been there, I have! LOL I have been so bad since Thanksgiving. I need to get back on my low carb diet. It does work, but you have to work it!

  2. LOL! We have porridge sometimes but I never do it as breakfast is Simons responsibility. My normal breakfast is either scrambled or poached egg on 1 slice of toast. on Sunday's we usually have a full English.

    Didn't you also lose some weight doing something called the no diet diet? I remember buying the book after you did it. I seem to Remember that there was a lot about changing habits so maybe it could be worth another look?


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