Monday, 7 December 2015

Just do it! 7/12/15

If I looked at the tags from my blog posts I'm sure that procrastination would have the most hits.  I am an expert at procrastination. Since I left my job I've got even better at it.  The months have gone by, Christmas is nearly here and not much has been achieved.  

At least that is one way of looking at things.  The way my depressed self would look at it.  But I'm not depressed or stressed out now, just a bit lacking in purpose and unfortunately, although I have a wonderful hubby, he's not the best at giving me a kick up the backside when needed.

I'm trying to turn things on their head and look at what has been achieved.  My garden is looking much better.  True I've had help there but I have done more in it this year and definitely have more interest in it. My house has less clutter in it.  Slowly, bit by bit I'm winning the battle against the toot and chaos that had taken hold.  Yes it's a work in progress but there is progress. 

I've been reading some articles and books that have given me some insights on how I could make things better, especially using my time better.  I was particularly thinking about this at the weekend and was planning on putting things into place in the new year.  And then I had one of those light bulb moments.  Why wait?  If I really want to make changes I need to just do it!  If I wait until January this month will pass in a blur and I will be looking back on the whole year with dissatisfaction.  If I start now I will have made a step in the right direction.

Just do it needs to be my mantra and today, Day 1 it worked.  I made phone calls I've been putting off so I now have a dentist appointment booked for next week and the car is booked in for a service.  I went and got new hoses for our showers and fitted them. (One split at the weekend and the other wasn't looking like it would last much longer!) I finished writing and posted my Christmas cards.  This involved walking to the Post Office so included exercise. I turned off the TV at a sensible time rather than vegetating in front of it.  And I've managed to blog.  My immediate To Do list looks a lot better.

I know that the mantra may not work every day, habits take time to establish especially good ones.  But today was a good day!


  1. Good for you getting your phone calls made!! It is always fun catching up with you here. Keep us posted on your progress!!

  2. it feels good to get things done. Thanks for the inspiration - I got a few appointments made today too. Maybe Christmas cards will be tomorrow.

  3. Well done! Kinda feeling like that myself. (Husband has been out of work since May so not helping my motivation.) Gonna write some blogs and cheer myself up - always very good therapy!

  4. Well, I'm glad you're making progress.

    I'm still stuck. I should have kept working. At least, things got done then. OF course, I'd reached a stage where working was even impossible but still, I got paid. LOL.

  5. Just do It! There are days when I could use that mantra too. I had a free day today as Simon had gone to Luton to collect some engine parts from a mate. He took Beanie too so I had a nice long day ahead free of all commitments. I had all kinds of plans. My own stuff, if you get my drift. Did I do any of that stuff? Not much. I found myself drinking coffee and messing on the Internet! Could have done a Blog but didn't!


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