Friday, 11 December 2015

A stroke of luck 11/12/15

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I had booked a collection of portable TVs with the council.  Not having done the booking online until the afternoon I anticipated that the earliest they would be collected would be this morning and as it was raining I intended to put them out first thing.

I had not long been back from doing some shopping yesterday when I heard someone trying to put something through my letterbox.  I went up to check to find it was a standard council form saying that they had tried to carry out the booked collection but the goods were not available.

Fortunately the driver was still parked outside and I managed to catch him and get him to take the items.  He wasn't happy though, telling me more that once, that items needed to be put out immediately the booking was made.

Well I was happy to have caught him but not happy that a) he hadn't rung my doorbell b) his attitude wasn't great and c) the confirmation e-mail that contained my reference no (without which you're booking is unconfirmed) was sent at 12.17 am today.

I was all set this morning to compose an e-mail of complaint but when I checked the website again, although when making the booking you are told to wait for the confirmation e-mail with reference no before putting goods outside,  it does say very specifically in the information section about collections that items should be put out immediately a booking is made.  Clearly they need to update the automated response at the end of the booking routine to match this but hey, life's too short and I got my rubbish taken away for free and on the same day.  And if I was the van driver going around in the rain trying to collect non-existent stuff I guess I wouldn't be too happy either.

But I am happy.  The final thing I did yesterday that shortened my to do list was to put my christmas tree up!


  1. I am learning that sometimes it is better to just let things go. Complaining takes up valuable emotional energy and very often doesn't really help. I think you were right to just let it slide. At least your rubbishy has gone and for free. We have to pay here.


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