Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge 9/12/15

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1.  Many families have a story they love to tell every year around a holiday. Does your family have one? Are you the star of that story, or does another family member take centre stage? Share your story if you want.
I’m sure there are lots of stories we could tell but there are no particular stand out ones.  I would definitely not choose to be the star of the story though. 2. Are you afraid to speak your own opinion?
That would depend on to who I would be speaking and where.  I like to make up my own mind about things but sometimes it’s better to keep my opinions to myself. 3. Pantone has announced the colour of the year for 2016, and for the first time have chosen two shades-rose quartz and serenity. Hmmm...did you know serenity was a colour? You can read the thought behind their selection here, but essentially it's blending the warmth of rose quartz with the tranquillity of a very soft shade of blue. So what do you think? Are these colours I'd find in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in these shades to either place in the new year?
Hmm who knew there was a colour of the year?  Checking back I see there have been a few although the emerald looked more turquoise than the colour of an emerald to me.  Serenity?  Really?  Yes I might use these shades but I’d probably call them pink and blue. 4. If you could be in a Christmas carol, which one would you choose? Why?
I’d choose to opt out. 5. December 9th is National Pastry Day. Will you celebrate? When did you last purchase something from a bakery? What's your favourite treat that falls under the heading of pastry? Do you make it yourself or buy from the professionals?
I might celebrate – going to a friend’s for lunch so who knows what might be on the menu but of course that would be more by accident than design.  I think croissants are our favourite pastry – well at least the ones we buy most.  I certainly wouldn’t bother making those.  I don’t make pastry often but I probably will at Christmas – mince pies and sausage rolls for starters.  I might even go to the bother of making rough puff pastry for the sausage rolls.  It was always something my Dad made and they were delicious.  Of course the fat content was horrendous and it takes a while to make but that meant we didn’t have them very often – Christmas and parties usually. 6. When it comes to holiday decorating
I am usually last minute and not very creative.  Trying to be better this year. 7. When did you last laugh so much it hurt? Explain.
Recently.  Our extended family have a Whatsapp group.  It’s great for sending short messages around for quick responses.   My family have a pretty warped sense of humour and there were a burst of messages last week including pictures which can only be described as toilet humour.  Enough said!
8.  Insert your own random thought here.
It’s so good to be approaching Christmas without the usual stress and workload.  I’ll still probably be chasing my tail as we get nearer but that’s just me.


  1. Your homemade pastry and goodies sound delicious. I"m not baking as much as I normally do this time of year. The kitchen in the apt. doesn't have a lot of counter space, and my good mixer is in storage so I've cut back. And it's okay : )

  2. Whatsapp? I've never heard of that, but will definitely check it out.

  3. I enjoyed your answers today. May you continue to have a stress-free Christmas :)

    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

  4. Sausage rolls sound really good. Maybe you will share the recipe! Have a good week

  5. Yum to that list of goodies! I enjoyed your Hodgepodge answers!!

  6. Sausage rolls sound heavenly!

  7. I can't believe how frequently you are using that C word! We put our tree up last Saturday which I think is the earliest ever. There was good reason though........ A big pre Christmas get together on the Sunday. It was the only time we could all be there.


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