Monday, 28 December 2015

A tale of two turkeys

Well Christmas is over and we're all (hopefully) looking forward to the New Year.

We had a lovely Christmas.  This is the first year for a long time that I have actually enjoyed the build up to Christmas.  We spent it fairly quietly at home with MIL and my eldest son and his fiancee on Christmas Day.  My daughter and her wife joined us on Boxing Day and then the following day we visited other family members.

We ate, we drank, we played games, we snoozed - my son had the cheek to take a photo of me, hubby and MIL all asleep on the sofa which he circulated to family members.  This was after he had been asleep for a while and I missed the photo opportunity!

We also attended Mass on Christmas morning.  I'd hoped to come away from that feeling uplifted but the priest obviously didn't get the memo.  Never mind.  

And the turkeys?  You're wondering?

Well the first tale is of a turkey that nearly didn't make it out of the freezer.  My cousin e-mailed me the night before Christmas Eve as her phone line was down.  She wanted to wish me a happy Christmas and check we were all ok.  I was still wrapping presents at the time so didn't get around to answering her until the next morning.  In my reply I happened to mention that my presents were wrapped, shopping was done and the turkey was defrosting nicely.  

I got an unrepeatable message back as her turkey was still in her freezer and she wasn't at home!  Hopefully she managed to contact her hubby and retrieve the situation.  (I nearly didn't e-mail her at the time as we were just getting ready to do some last minute shopping!)

As for the second turkey tale, that relates to our own turkey.  One that I had got up early to stuff and start cooking before we headed off for church.

Hubby has a bad habit of leaving the oven ON when he's finished cooking.  Christmas morning he did a cooked breakfast for us all and he was extra careful to turn everything off when he'd finished, including the oven!  Fortunately I happened to check on the turkey before we went out and noticed.  It had probably only been off for about 15 minutes so not a disaster but if I hadn't noticed until we'd got back from church we would have been having a very late dinner.

But these are the memories we'll add to the stash of others we have, past and present.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and best wishes for a happy and peaceful New Year.

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