Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My blogs are getting like buses 9/12/15

My blogs are getting like London buses - you wait ages for one, then four come along at once!

Actually that's not been my experience of buses recently.  Generally they run quite well and frequently but of course they are subject to traffic problems, roadworks etc.

As for the blogs, well I want to keep them coming.  They need to be one of my good habits.  One of the books I read recently was Better than Before - Mastering the Habits of our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin.  It's an interesting study on habits although it didn't give as much in the way of practical tips as I hoped it would.

I have lots of habits.  But most of them are not good.  I waste time playing Facebook games.  I eat too many biscuits.  I watch TV for the sake of it.  I could go on and on .... Apparently I'm an obliger - I respond to external needs but not my own internal ones - things that require self-motivation.  Couple that with losing the structure and external needs of a job with a lot of responsibility it's no wonder that I've been rather aimless.  So I'm trying to establish good habits.

Making sure I remember to take my blood pressure medication EVERY day.  Exercising.  Keeping on top of things.  Not allowing my inbox to get backlogged. Getting enough sleep.  Remembering all the birthdays in the family.

I read somewhere that it takes a month to establish a habit so starting this in the run up to Christmas is probably not the best time but I could always come up with excuses as to why I should wait until tomorrow.  But tomorrow never arrives so today I have to Just do it!  (And tomorrow and the next day and the next and.......)


  1. Good luck. I've given up on my "healthy" diet until after Christmas. It's too hard to keep with all the goodies around at work (and home). Sigh.

  2. Not being at work and only two of us at home makes keeping to the diet that much easier. I just have to battle against myself! lol

  3. You are putting me to shame. I can't remember the last time I did a blog. I really would like to get back into it but I am worried that it would end up being a pressure. One more thing to do. In the past when I have had blogging breaks, I have felt obliged to do a massive catch up of my life when I restart. There is no way I could do that now. The gap would annoy me too. Maybe the solution is to archive what I have and begin over? The problem with that would be that I would feel obliged to do some introductory blogs for the benefit of anyone who doesn't know me!

  4. I love you are posting more often - keep those buses , I mean blog posts, coming!


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