Monday, 14 December 2015

Weekend catch up 14/12/15

It was quite a relaxed weekend but productive and enjoyable. 

I started by getting more decorations up including my hand crocheted banner.  I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. 

I also bought a new crib scene for this year.  The candle holder next to it was given to us by my Mother-in-law many years ago.

Another thing we did was to sort out out top two bedrooms.  One is stripped ready to be redecorated the other was full of our daughter's things.  We need both of them usuable after Christmas as my son's future in-laws are coming to spend a night.  So we managed to get a lot of stuff put up into the loft and put the bed etc back into one room and made enough space in the other room for an airbed.

Someone asked why we didn't carry on with decorating but both ceilings need re-plastering and we can't get that done before Christmas so our guests will just have to put up with bare walls.

I also gained a bureau and screen from my sister-in-law last week so they are now up in the smaller room which I plan to turn into a workroom/sewing room.  The bureau will be very useful for that and the screen is hiding some stuff that still needs to be sorted out.

So Saturday was a bit tiring but satisfying.

On Sunday we had a more relaxing day and in the afternoon we attended a Christmas Carol concert given by the choir that our daughter-in-law sings with.  The choir were really good and we were able to join in with some of the carols.  Afterwards our son and DIL joined us for dinner.  That was really nice as it wasn't planned and we probably won't see them again now until after Christmas as they are off to the USA next Sunday. 

Today has been a day for chores, washing and paperwork.  But once again that's been productive and thus satisfying.  The Just Do It mantra is still working.


  1. Good to know that the just do it mantra is still working for you. Looks like you got loads done. I really like your banner. I have to come and stay with you so you can teach me to crochet. Going to see if I can get to you in the new year.

  2. I like that....just do it mantra! Maybe if I start chanting it, I could get some projects done that I've been putting off!! Sounds like you made some head-way and that's always a good thing!!


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